Innovation in Politics Forum :

The Innovation in Politics Forum (IP Forum) is an annual multi-format forum for committed and creative change-makers, concentrated on innovative solutions for pressing political challenges in the MENA region. The forum is named after the city where it is being hosted. In 2019, it was BIP as it was hosted in Beirut, and in the year 2020, it took place in Amman, so it was AIP, the Amman Innovation in Politics Forum (AIP Forum). 

This is not a conventional conference. It is experimental journey meticulously designed to reflect the power of ideas through unconferencing methods enabling two-way interaction and communication between our audience and experts. By sharing and accumulating knowledge, we aim at creating an ongoing dialogue, that stimulates political creativity and develops innovative solutions for social and political problems. Our mission is to provide the platform to talk about the present and plan for the future of policy-making, democracy, communication, and governance.