The Middle East and North Africa region has witnessed significant turmoil since the rise of the Arab Spring. As a beacon for freedom, innovation, and dialogue, the Regional Office Middle East and North Africa of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF MENA) is offering a platform to communicate liberal thoughts. It is for the individuals who aspire to share their views on current events and issues in politics, economy, security, culture, etc. To amplify their voices, we have created the MENAPOL Blog through which the contributors can pitch, write, and publish their opinions.

MENAPOL, however, is not only a blog, but rather a platform where we also feature videos of experts and our own Project Directors commenting on the latest happenings and developments in their respective countries through our MENAPOL Questions. MENAPOL is a big part of our identity in the MENA region because it a free and reliable source of information and analysis regarding the developing situation on the political and economic levels.

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Meet our MENAPOL Blog Editor

Yasmine ALN

Yasmeen Alnajdawi is passionate about community justice and equal opportunities for all people around the world. She holds a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering & management systems with more than nine years of working experience, she joined FNF – MENA family in Jan.2023 with a full motivational desire to be an exceptional Project Coordinator/ for the MENA region.