Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum 2019

BIP Forum 2019

Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum (BIP) was a one-day event that aimed at exposing ground-breaking political work, gathering bright minds from the field, and making use of their experience to identify innovative approaches to Politics, as a study or as a practice.

BIP is not a conventional conference. It is an experimental journey meticulously designed for our audience, which comprises academics, politicians, political consultants, activists, media experts and policy specialists.

The innovation-charged Forum had three broad Chapters.

Chapter 1 | Innovation and Policy Development

This chapter considers the concept of experimental innovation policy - which includes monitoring of policy design and the process of policy implementation. This chapter aims at publishing the “Dream Government Statement” which includes dream solutions to liberal challenges.

Chapter 2 | Innovation and Memory Politics

This chapter considers the disciplinary politics surrounding the study of memory that have emerged through innovative approaches such as virtual reality, gaming and artificial intelligence.

Chapter 3 | Innovation and Political Communication

This chapter considers the different approaches to media innovation, the outgrowth of inbound communication tools, and the emergence of ground-breaking strategies.