The Foundation for Freedom in Germany and the World

Based on the principles of liberalism, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom offers political education in Germany and abroad. With our events and publications, we help people to become actively involved in political affairs. We support talented young students with scholarships. Since 2007, the addition "for freedom" has become an established part of our foundation's name. After all, freedom isn't exactly in trend these days. This makes it all the more important to campaign for freedom and to take on the responsibility that goes hand in hand with it. We have been doing this since our foundation on May 19th, 1958. Our headquarter is based in Potsdam, and we maintain offices throughout Germany and in over 60 countries around the world.

"The first thing we can do to help achieve unrestricted freedom is to try to become free ourselves as much as we can."

Friedrich Naumann

Theodor Heuss Academy

We provide political education - for 50 years, almost every day, with almost 5.000 guests per year. In seminars, conferences and training sessions, with participants from Germany, Europe and the whole world. We invite people to apprehend the basics of liberal theory and politics in our seminars and conferences. Discuss German and international politics as well as critical issues of democracy and political culture with recognized experts at our conferences.

The majority of our educational offerings are aimed at adults, but we also offer seminars for school groups. Every year we conduct approximately 140 political education seminars lasting several days.

Liberal Institute

The Liberal Institute is the think tank of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. It develops innovative political ideas, impulses and solution approaches for current challenges orienting towards the reality of people's lives. It takes a stand on contemporary issues, formulates substantive positions and policy advide that further develop the political model of liberalism, and presents them for public discussion.

At the centre of their work is the foundation's educational mission: The establishment of liberal positions as a basis for discussions to enable committed citizens to represent liberal concerns - as a guide to thinking for oneself.

Archive of Liberalism

Like people, organizations and political movements also need memory in order to have a basic orientation. For liberals, the archive of liberalism represents this historical memory.

Its task is to preserve everything which provides information about the foundation and the development of liberalism in Germany and abroad to present and future generations.

This includes, of course, files, autographs and publications, but also photos, posters, audio and film documents and, increasingly, the digital traces which liberals leave behind.