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30 Years of German Reunification and the Long History of the ‘Transformation’

On December 4, FNF Korea, the Forum for Comparative History of Korea and Germany, and the Tübingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University jointly hosted an academic seminar on “30 Years of...

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The Role of the Media as Gatekeepers of the Truth

In times of crisis, an unrestricted, credible and capable media is crucial to providing much-needed information to the public but when the news landscape is being altered by attacks on media ownership...

The Role of the Media as Gatekeepers of the Truth

Bill Gates, the Villain

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired a few prominent conspiracy theories. One of the most popular ones draws a connection between the building of 5G infrastructure and the spread of the virus. One of...

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Pandemic in a Test Tube

The theory of the laboratory-created virus attracted supporters at the very beginning of the epidemic — from political players to ordinary fans of conspiracy theories.

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FNF Myanmar launch a social media campaign on privacy

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Myanmar (FNF) and Cyberbaykin launch a social media campaign on privacy with 38 comics submitted by 30 famous cartoonists from Myanmar. Among the cartoonists are...

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A Changing Regional Dynamic in MENA: From a Bipolar to a Tripolar System

Historically, the Middle East has been the battleground of two mighty powers, forming a competing bipolar political system. Throughout the millennia the names changed and the power centers moved, but...


Covid-19 vaccine: Why we should bow to capitalism right now

Critics of capitalism often accuse pharmaceutical companies of greedy profit-making at the expense of the poor and sick. However, the development of a vaccine in the corona pandemic also shows that...

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Property Rights Indispensable to Brighter Future for Women in Africa

Women in Africa remain excluded from the benefits of property ownership, and this must receive the attention of African policy makers and society at large. This is the message from a new study by the...

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With RCEP, is post-pandemic recovery for ASEAN in sight?

After eight years of discussion, the RCEP agreement was reached during the ASEAN virtual meeting in Hanoi. Many people have high hopes that it can become the solution for ASEAN’s economic recovery...


The Danger of Living with Albinism in a Highly Superstitious Society

While he speaks openly about his condition, he is clearly still very distressed by the circumstances in which he lost his elder brother, Enoch Lugadiru, almost exactly five years ago. Enoch died after...