Capital Office Division


The Capital Office Division of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom comprises the departments Federal Program, the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Office and the Network Management Unit. The Capital Office Division organizes the presence of the Foundation for the various target groups in Berlin, Brandenburg and individual special events nationwide. Besides, the Capital Office DIvision is a meeting place for those interested in the work of the Foundation and the Office. The event space in Berlin offers the opportunity to hold events in our building. The Capital Office Division is the Foundation's business card in Berlin.

Federal Program Unit

The Federal Program Unit implements centrally nationwide events decided by the Board of Directors. These are designed as events or as periodically recurring events for outstanding historical, personal or political reasons, take place in an exclusive setting, with prominent speakers and sometimes at special venues.

Network Management Unit

The service-related tasks of this unit include contributory, organizational and structural tasks, as well as the bringing together of participants' "cultures" within a network. The unit maximizes the benefit of the networks for the FNF and its network partners. It also plans and controls the process-related dimension of the FNF's network management and organizes and regulates cooperation within the network (structural dimension). In addition, the Network Management Unit organizes its events of any size.

Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Office

The Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Office is one of eight regional offices of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Germany. Our goal is to inspire more people for political topics and political commitment because democracy needs interested citizens - and it lives from participation.