State Office Bavaria

In cooperation with the Thomas Dehler Foundation, the liberal educational institution of Bavaria

Welcome to the website of the Bavarian State Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, one of eight regional offices throughout Germany. 

In Bavaria, the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation closely collaborates with the Thomas Dehler Foundation. Together, we organize more than 150 events a year throughout Bavaria from our Munich office in cooperation with various partners. 

More than 15 program managers throughout Bavaria support this work. The topics of our events cover a broad spectrum. Our work focuses on civil and human rights, education, mobility, housing and international politics, but also on local issues. In addition, training seminars offer the opportunity to expand and perfect political action skills.

With these events, the foundations offer a forum in which experts speak about their field of expertise, debate with the public and encourage opinion-forming. The events should enable people to better participate in our democracy.

The conviction guides us that a liberal society can only be realized if people can take responsibility for themselves and others. This requires comprehensive and consistent information that the liberal foundations want to provide.

In their actions and activities, the two foundations feel committed to Thomas Dehler, the first Minister of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thomas Dehler, born in 1897 in Franconia, was a lawyer by profession. He was persecuted during the rule of the Nazi Regime, because he did not want to leave his Jewish wife and did not want to betray his Jewish clients. In the postwar period, Dehler was the driving force behind the re-establishment of a liberal party. When the FDP was founded nationwide in 1946 in Nuremberg, he became its first chairman and remained its chairman until 1956. He was appointed to the federal government in 1949 as Minister of Justice and rendered excellent service to the rebuilding of the rule of law in Germany.

Thomas Dehler remains a role model for the Foundation for three reasons:

  • his unconditional commitment to the liberal constitutional state
  • his fight for a free social order
  • his commitment to the freedom and unity of the nation

We would be pleased if you would come to our events, get involved and participate in discussions!


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