Amman Innovation in Politics Forum 2020

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AIP Forum 2020


By gathering international expertise from organizations, projects, companies and individuals, AIP Forum exposed and debated innovation in politics in its practical and theoretical aspects. More than twenty high-profile speakers and moderators from around the world were brought together under one roof using the latest in hi-tech and virtual 3D stages. The high-calibre speakers, such as H.E. Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister and Hans Van Baalen, Former European Parliament member and President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, among others, identified inventive approaches and methodologies from various backgrounds, contributing to an understanding of democracy, freedom, and innovation from different perspectives in the MENA region. 


The Amman Innovation in Politics Forum was driven by inspiration to make a process of change and development by using the great potential of digitalization, innovation and creative methodologies in education, economy, civil society and politics. We used the power of seeing challenges and issues from different perspectives to add value to political processes and create opportunities.

“As a creative and innovative platform that promotes freedom across the world, our objective was to bring creative change-makers to concentrate on innovative solutions for pressing political challenges in the MENA region,” said Dirk Kunze, Regional Director of the FNF MENA.

The forum was divided into five main chapters that spanned over the course of these two innovation-filled days. And to top it all off, the team at FNF MENA also launched an Augmented Reality Quiz on Instagram called the Political Innovator Face Filter/Lens which tells a user “What kind of a political innovator are you?”

The panels are available here as a Playlist.

Here's an overview of how it went down at the AIP Forum 2020!