Tunis Innovation in Politics 2021
Tunis Innovation in Politics 2021

Tunis Innovation in Politics



Chapter 1 | Innovation and Data

Many industries and experts agree with The Economist on the fact that data is the “new oil” of the century. Just like oil, in its crude format, data is not valuable. Yet, when it is processed and connected, it becomes an essential commodity and not a mere resource that is being used for a determined purpose. In this chapter, we explore the role of data in driving innovation and transforming our future. How are data analytics affecting our economies and changing paradigms? How are AI and Open Data shaping our democracies? In this vivid discussion, we will look into the opportunities that data is offering to the MENA Region, discuss the downsides, and try to imagine a region that is driven by innovation and progress.

Moderator: Bachar Halabi, MENA Geopolitical Analyst, ClipperData Analytics

David Carroll, Associate Professor of Media Design, The New School
Teresa Widlok, Civil Rights and Rule of Law Officer, the Liberal Institute
Noomane Fehri, Former Minister of Technology and Communication, Tunisia
Ana Perez Garcia, CEO and Cofounder, ForestChain


Chapter 2 | Innovation and Media

The digital revolution has transformed the media industry in an unimaginable way. The products and services of media are constantly altering. The line between the content producer and receiver is blurring and the platforms available are multiplying. As we rapidly shift towards a more digitized world, the power of AI is expanding and transforming - to a high degree - the media landscape from the development of new media platforms, to new business models, to a variety of ways and tools of storytelling and news production. In this chapter, we explore the impact of innovation on the media industry. We dive into the new business model of media startups in the MENA region and beyond. We look into the new trends in journalism and explore the role of innovation in
changing the nature of communication.

Moderator: Yara Asmar, Regional Strategy Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation Middle East and North Africa

Ayman Mhana, Executive Director, Samir Kassir Foundation
Farouk Ali, Data Scientist and Analyst, InkyLab
Tamar Kintsurashvili, Executive Director, Media Development Foundation
Mohamad Najem, Executive Director, Social Media Exchange
Faisal Al Yafai, Executive Editor, New Lines Magazine


Hacking Democracy 2.0 – A Governance Design Workshop 

Jascha Rohr, philosopher, Co-founder and Managing Director, the Institute for Participatory Design 


Chapter 3 | Innovation and Migration

Part I | Panel Discussion: The impact of Migration on Innovation and Culture – And Vice Versa

Migration impacts innovation, and vice versa. Although the general debate
sometimes focuses on its negative aspects, migration stimulates creativity and
pushes for job creation. The demographic shock caused by human movement
sheds the light on new needs and allows intensive cultural interaction and
knowledge exchange between the hosting and migrants communities.
In this chapter, we explore the factors that facilitate the development of innovation
and the role of migration in the transfer of knowledge and the infusion of cultural

Part II | Parallel Activity| Simulation Game: “An Environment of Innovation -

Imagining an equitable and agile innovative ecosystem"
The simulation gathers 5 to 10 startups or social enterprises founded by migrants
in Tunisia or tackling the issue of migration in Tunisia. It aims at supporting the
participants in understanding their role within the society they are operating in, the
foundation of the economic system and their contribution, and the challenges they
need to overcome. The simulation will support them in imagining and prototyping
an equitable eco-system where they can link between the economic and the
human values of migrants, and where they can develop capacities to create and
generate powerful innovative effects even in their countries of origin.

Moderator: Dirk Kunze, Regional Director, Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Middle East and North Africa

Sana Afouaiz, Founder & Director, Womenpreneur-Initiative
Dr. Yussuf Mansur, CEO, EnConsult and former Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Jordan
Dr. Sophie Chung, CEO and Founder, Qunomedical
Luis-Miguel Bueno-Padilla, EU Arabic Spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa
Nesrine Ben Belgacem, Professor, University of Gafsa
Amal Mekki, Editor-in-chief, Innsane


Chapter 4 | Innovation and Transnational Movements

Technology plays a major role in empowering individuals to protect themselves from global threats but also to raise the voice of change. In a highly digitized world, innovation redefined social movements by shrinking distances and widening the space for expression and solidarity. #Metoo, Women Marches, #Blacklivesmatter, #JesuisCharlie and much more became global causes unifying cross-national demands and enabling transnational solidarity.

In this chapter, we explore the role of technology in empowering free citizens who aspire for a better future where Human Rights values are the basis of all type of interactions – whether social, political, or economic.

Moderator: Sven Gerst, PhD Candidate at King’s College, London

Arash Azizi, Historian and Author of “Shadow Commander: Soleimani, the U.S. & Iran's Global Ambitions"
Hanna Liubakova, Journalist and Non-resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council
Isabel Hou, Chair, g0v Jothon Taskforce


Chapter 5 | Innovation and Local Development

Innovation improves our quality of life through local development. The new array of new innovations and local technologies are changing the dynamics in our cities and localities by providing value for citizens and are accelerating the interaction between the public and private sectors. In this chapter, we explore the impact of digital transformation and e-governance
on the process of sustainable development. Through this panel, we discuss the impact of innovation on rural areas and we try to envision the cities of tomorrow in the MENA Region.

Moderator: Radu Magdin, CEO, Smartlink Communications

Alexander Muthmann, Member of the Bavarian Parliamant, FDP, Germany
Nabil Hassan, Partner, Beyond Group
Warwick Bruce Chapman, Former Executive Director of the Democratic Alliance
Matthias Sundin, Executive Chairman, Warp Institute
Moez Attia, Academic and Researcher
Wala Kasmi, CEO and Founder, Youth Decides GROUP