The impact of COVID-19 on the economy of Kosovo

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The Corona crisis has kept the world on tenterhooks for a good year now. 

A highly contagious virus – initially downplayed in many places – developed rapidly into a global pandemic, plunging societies and their economies into deep crises and forcing them to make far-ranging restrictions and cuts. 

The unexpectedly rapid production of effective vaccines has brought the containment and – hopefully – management of this pandemic within reach. However, the challenges for the state, the economy and society are and will remain enormous. It is already clear that the 
of 2008/09. 

Governments have had to take on substantial additional debt to maintain structures – especially in the health­care system – to provide bridging aid and to support 
This paper, "The Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy of Kosovo", provides a detailed overview of the develop­ment of the Kosovar economy during the pandemic, the measures taken by the government to contain or manage the crisis, and an assessment from a liberal perspective that is as clear as it is well-founded, and characterised by special expertise. 

The author himself was his country's Minister for Economic Development until the beginning of 2020. 

He notes: “The key to stability in times of pandemic is acting fast.” 

And that is exactly what was lacking: measures were initiated too late, laws and emergency packages were passed too late. 

In addition, the political framework conditions were anything but optimal. Kosovo had a succession of three governments last year and consequently government policies tended more towards populist than sustainable measures. 

However, the author always remains fair in his assess­ments and proposals, and thus the entire text becomes a prime example of serious analysis that deserves to be widely read. 

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