Future of European Economy

Photo taken during the Future of the European Economy event in Helsinki

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(5.7.2023) Continuity or Change? The Next Chapter of EU-Turkey Relations

EU-Turkey Relations

2023 is a significant year for Turkey, marking the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic and recent elections. Despite economic challenges and geopolitical shifts, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been re-elected, raising questions about Turkey's foreign policy and its impact on EU-Turkey relations. Join us with our speakers Beate Apelt, Demir Murat Seyrek and moderator Sahra Lissek as we explore Turkey's evolving political landscape, its regional relationships, and discuss the future of EU-Turkey ties.


(4.7.2023) 30 Years of European Citizenship at the Onset of the Spanish Presidency of the Council

Cross-party group of MEPS meeting

The ECIT Foundation, in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, is honoured to invite you to the 2nd Annual meeting of the MEP Cross-Party Group on European Citizenship. Co-hosted by MEP Maite Pagazaurtundúa (Renew) and MEP Doménec Ruiz Devesa (S&D), this meeting will focus on the role of the new Spanish Presidency in promoting European Citizenship.


(28.6.2023) The Disinformation Landscape Across Europe


Come join us this Wednesday for an insightful webinar on the disinformation landscape across europe brought to you by FNF Europe and EU DisinfoLab. In this webinar, we will present our series of country factsheets that highlight the disinformation landscape across EU Member States, from the most emblematic cases to recurrent narratives, community actors, and policy initiatives. Our panel of experts dedicated to studying and combating this phenomenon will share their thoughts and extensive knowledge, and answer your questions during the Q&A.


(25.4.2023) Defending Freedom and Democracy

Disinformation Event

Recent years have shown the great danger that disinformation and foreign interference can pose to elections and democracies around the world. What happens, if public discourse becomes one-sided, access to independent information difficult and spaces for civil society are shrinking? In our upcoming event, we will showcase some of our work and partners in the global fight against disinformation, while shedding light on the current state of disinformation in the Philippines, Mexico and the EU. Join us in discussing on how (liberal) actors can tackle the spread of fake news and support each other internationally with our distinguished speakers!


(19.4.2023) The EU-India Trade Negotiations

EU-India Event

The EU-India trade negotiation is a paradox of simplicity and complexity, marked by difficult concessions and the need for a successful outcome. Join an expert exchange to discuss the current negotiations and avoid another failed process, crucial for the strategic partnership of both India and the EU.


(15.2.2023) The Future of the European Economy

European Economy

The Future of the European Economy is a discussion panel and networking event organized by FNF Europe and the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. It took place on the 15th of February in Helsinki, Finland, where industry leaders and experts discussed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Europe's economy. While the future of the European economy is complex and uncertain, there are also opportunities for growth and success. With the right policies and investments, Europe can overcome its challenges and build a strong and sustainable economy for the future.


(14.11.2022) Gender x Geopolitics

Women in Security

Register for this high-level event in Brussels taking place on Monday the 14th of November on how to make security policy more inclusive. Research shows that the inclusion of women in peace negotiations, results in more sustainable social and political peace. How can women contribute to the prevention of conflicts and the promotion of reconciliation?


(4.10.2022) Warsaw Security Forum 2022

Warsaw 22

Friedrich Naumann Foundation will participate in this year's Warsaw Security Forum. The #WSF2022 Global Outlook track will offer a wide perspective on the current world developments including: Perspectives for Ukraine, NATO's readiness to react, shaping the Long-term Response to Russia’s Imperialism and relations with China and the Indo-Pacific Security.


(12.9.2022) Nicaragua Untold: The Fall of Democracy Under the Ortega Regime

Berta Valle event

Join us in person for this unique opportunity to meet Berta Valle, wife of presidential pre-candidate Félix Maradiaga who in 2021 was detained and still remains imprisoned along with 170 other political prisoners. We talk to his wife, Berta Valle, about the current situation in Nicaragua and future scenarios.