Experiencing the Magic of Jordan’s Freedom Factory

The FNF in Jordan has created a safe space for liberal minds in Jordan
Freedom Factory Jordan
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The Freedom Factory is not only the home of the FNF MENA Regional Office team, but a home that has opened its doors for others within the FNF network to experience its magic as well! Naturally, this includes everyone from the liberal-minded youth we work with, to the top-notch professionals in our Alumni community. What happens here is about experiences and outcomes, not merely about the reports we write, discussions we hold, or meetings we have… to us, it is about springing life into liberal thoughts and ideas through action plans, platforms of exchange, and innovative approaches to sharing the liberal ideology.

Located in the heart of Amman, the Freedom Factory is a versatile hub for the exchange of liberal thoughts. It is a creative platform for innovation with the aim of enhancing individual freedoms in Jordan and the MENA Region.

One example of this includes the regular meetings held at the Freedom Factory by Shabab42. This is a group of young Jordanian liberals, who gather to discuss their ideas in a safe and open environment. The youth’s discussions are typically centered around current affairs or political reforms. Titled Pizza & Politics, the youth initiated their own unique series of meetings that stimulate the political discourse and highlight the Freedom Factory’s magic of providing a comfortable atmosphere to freely express ideas and the search for attainable solutions. Through these gatherings, the Shabab (or youth in Arabic) have already produced six position papers, of which their best-known publication was on Tax Reforms in Jordan.

Another example of the Freedom Factory’s magic at work can be experienced through the bimonthly Alumni meetings. The group of individuals, all of whom are former IAF or visiting program participants, are liberal experts and activists in Jordan who regularly meet to discuss liberal solutions for Jordan’s future. Through these exchanges, the network is strengthened and contacts are exchanged to expand the reach of liberal ideologies in Jordan, among them entrepreneurs, academics, local politicians, influencers, and other attendees.

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Moreover, the Freedom Factory’s magic is not contained to the premises of our office. It can also be seen and heard online and at our events. Our message is loud and clear, and an example of this was with the release of the Freedom Track. Here music was utilized as a creative tool to convey our core values. Listen to it here: 

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All in all, the Freedom Factory, remains one of the very few, if not the only space in Jordan, where one can truly express their liberal thoughts and ideologies freely and without fear of being met with negative responses. As our home, and the home of liberal philosophies in Jordan and the MENA region, we remain committed to keeping the doors of our home open to all who are dedicated to enhancing individual freedoms through their innovative ideas and approaches to the liberal cause.