Vania Santoso

Cleaning up with stereotypes
Vania Santoso

In Indonesia, young women are often intimidated by nasty sexist comments, preventing them from pursuing their dreams. Sociopreneur Vania Santoso demonstrates that age and gender are hurdles that anyone can overcome – as long as they are determined and creative!

Vania is the Co-Founder of heySTARTIC, a social innovation initiative that aims to raise awareness on climate change by providing access to exotic yet ethical fashion apparel through upcycling innovations.

She has been involved in community development and youth leadership for over 15 years, beginning with her first social activism campaign when she was only 12. Her work has been recognized by various local and international agencies, among others earning her a medal bestowed by the Indonesian President when she was 19. Her entrepreneurial skills have also gained her accolades including the 2014 Young Leaders for Indonesia Award, 2015 Young Social Entrepreneur from Singapore International Foundation, and 2016 Indonesia Champion for Global Student Entrepreneur Award from Entrepreneurs Organization.

Vania graduated as valedictorian from the Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

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