Our Partners
Our Partners

FNF Malaysia currently working with 12 local partners in Malaysia with various background.

With cooperation with our partners, we promotes Liberalism and Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Economic Freedom and Market Economy. Our civil society partners in Malaysia share FNF’s vision. Some of our NGO-Partners work on human rights issues, others promote democracy, freedom of expression or the rights of women in Islam.  

Liberalism and Democracy

Liberalism emphasizes the freedom of the individual. Individual freedom, responsibilities, rights and duties are the prerequisites for a free and open society. Some governments say a collective approach is needed to maintain social coherence. In fact, this is an excuse to curb freedom and to maintain power. Liberals believe that individual freedom benefits society. We see four pillars of society: political freedom, human rights, economic freedom and the rule of law.

Democracy is the rule of the people, our rule. Free and fair elections, freedom of expression and the protection of human rights are essential. Respected, democratic parties are pillars of liberal democracy.

Human Rights - Freedom - Rule of Law

Human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law must be upheld. FNF promotes respect for human rights and works for pluralism, tolerance and freedom. We support NGOs, whose mission is to promote freedom, human rights or the rule of law. Our partners empower citizens to be advocates of freedom.

Economic Freedom and Market Economy

Economic Freedom – the freedom to enter and compete in markets and the protection of property rights- is the best recipe for fighting poverty and gaining prosperity. Globalization poses more opportunities than challenges. Market-based economies propel growth. We believe in competition and in the limitation of state intervention in market processes.