FNFMyanmar launches its first podcast series


FNF Myanmar launches its first podcast series ‘’ Khit Myin Kwin” in collaboration with Mohinga Matters, talking about election and democracy related topics in 2020.

This podcast programme ‘Khit MyinKwin’, roughly translates as ‘Contemporary Views’, an attempt to explore the role of Myanmar youth and their views towards contemporary politics. This programme aims to serve as an educational platform for young people, who are interested in contemporary politics and political history in its quest for democracy. The Khit Myin Kwin podcast is designed to engage youth in political conversation, accompanied by interviews with them and research on them.

The first episode includes a survey with 50 young people aged 18 to 35. It is featuring of understanding democracy, and current state of democracy in Myanmar.

This podcast can be downloaded in soundcloud.

The podcast is broadcasted once a week, every Friday at 8 pm on Mohinga Matters (https://www.facebook.com/mohingamatters) and FNF Myanmar (https://www.facebook.com/fnf.myanmar) Facebook pages. The podcast series consists of 10 episodes in total.