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Woman Up: Adulting for the Modern Day Filipina

Tambay: The Vodcast Series returns for Season 2
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The transition from adolescence to adulthood, often referred to as "adulting," can be a challenging and sometimes daunting journey. It involves navigating through various responsibilities, expectations, and societal norms, especially for women in the Philippines. To shed light on the nuances of this topic, FNF Philippines brings back Tambay: The Vodcast Series for its second year with its pilot episode titled "Woman Up! Adulting for the Modern Day Filipina". The episode sheds light on the experiences and struggles of Filipina women as they navigate the complexities of adulting in a fast-paced and vocal society.

The episode features a dynamic panel of accomplished Filipina professionals, including Inka Magnaye, one of the most renowned podcast-hosts and recognizable voiceover talents in the local industry. Also among the speakers is Nikki Jurado, otherwise known as "The Nomad Girl", who authored the book "How to Yolo Wisely" and is a prominent financial blogger. Nicole Alba rounds up the speakers for the episode. She is a rising young influencer known for her topical advice on personal finance, investment, and self-development.

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One of the key topics discussed in the vodcast was the challenges and opportunities in building a successful career. The speakers shared their experiences in pursuing their chosen careers and overcoming the enduring stigmas that they faced along the way. With Nikki and Nicole both emerging in the finance industry, they talked about how encouraging it is, especially for other Filipina women, to have a young female voice within that male-dominated space. They highlighted the importance of perseverance, resilience, and continuous learning in navigating the competitive job market as well forging their own career paths outside of traditional, expected, trajectories. The speakers emphasized the need for women to assert themselves, break gender stereotypes, and create their own concept of success in their professional journeys.

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The vodcast also touched upon the issue of financial management and independence. The speakers shared their insights on budgeting, saving, investing, and building financial literacy as crucial skills for adulting. They discussed the societal norms and expectations around women's financial responsibilities, including supporting family members, choosing to share financial obligations with their partners in the relationship, and balancing personal financial goals. In their discussion, they were able to emphasize the importance of financial independence and empowerment for modern Filipinas.

Relationships, both personal and professional, were another significant topic discussed in the vodcast. The speakers shared their perspectives on dating, marriage, and family dynamics. They discussed the societal pressures and expectations around relationships and the need for women to make their own choices based on their personal values and aspirations; how the digital space now cultivates a culture where boundaries need to be asserted. Inka Magnaye shares several experiences she had addressing online comments of harassment and how she chose to speak up and not allow that online culture to infiltrate her personal space. The speakers highlighted the importance of healthy communication, mutual respect, and self-care in maintaining meaningful relationships.

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Mental health was another crucial aspect of adulting that was explored in the episode. The three speakers shared their experiences with mental health challenges and the importance of self-care, seeking support, and prioritizing mental well-being in the face of various pressures and stressors. They shared the importance of creating spaces and communities, whether online or in person, to nurture different conversations and become socially aware of each other's struggles. The idea of "being selfish" as a means to actually become "selfless" was discussed in the concept of filling one's cup in order to have the capacity to help others. This conversation is crucial in addressing the mental health stigma that still exists in many societies, including the Philippines, and promoting the importance of taking care of one's mental well-being.

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Throughout the vodcast, the panelists also highlight the need for continuous learning and growth. They discuss the importance of staying curious, seeking opportunities for self-improvement, and being open to new experiences outside of the traditional gender roles and expectations placed on Filipina women. They share their own learning journeys and how they managed to manifest their personal growth into social action.

The pilot episode for this year's Tambay series gave a compelling and insightful discussion that addresses the challenges faced by young Filipina women as they navigate adulthood. It provides candid and relatable perspectives on the complexities of adulting and offers valuable insights and advice on how to thrive in the modern world. The episode serves as a valuable resource for young Filipina women who are embarking on their journey of adulthood and seeking guidance and inspiration along the way.

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