Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and LGBTI+ Organizations Workshop

AI and LGBTI+ Organizations Workshop
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On 23 and 24 May 2024, a two-day workshop on "Artificial Intelligence and Civil Society" took place in Ankara. The aim of the event was to inform LGBTI+ organisations about the potential and possible applications of AI technologies and to provide them with practical tools to make their work more efficient and innovative.

On the first day, the programme began with an introduction to the basics of AI, during which the participants learnt about the main components and areas of application. This was followed by the use of so-called "generative AI tools" such as Gemini and ChatGPT, which can be used to create creative content such as texts or images.

The afternoon was then dedicated to the concrete application of AI in civil society. Here, participants discussed how AI-based solutions can support the work of non-governmental organisations, for example in the creation of presentations, text production or the visualisation of information.

AI and LGBTI+ Organizations 2
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The second day initially focussed on prompt engineering techniques, i.e. the art of guiding AI systems in a targeted and precise manner. The social impact of AI was then examined - both the opportunities and possible risks.

The workshop concluded with practical application examples in which the participants learned how AI-based tools can be used to create videos, audio and text content in order to optimise their own public relations work.

Overall, the workshop provided the participating organisations with a comprehensive insight into the many possible applications of AI. The feedback from the participants showed that they were able to take away new ideas for their work and are motivated to make greater use of AI-based solutions in the future.