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Think Freedom: The Visible Man

Premiere of the Documentary Portrait of Giorgi Tabagari from Georgia
Think Freedom: Giorgi Tagabari

This week would have been the Tbilisi Pride week in Georgia – had it not been for the recent restrictions and the diminished spaces for democracy. The Georgian Government has introduced the bill to amend the constitution, which will severely limit the freedom of expression rights of LGBTQI individuals. The future of the Georgian Queer community is unclear.


As a symbol of support to them, today we premiere online the documentary “Think Freedom: The Visible Man,” an inspiring portrait of Giorgi Tabagari, a Georgian civil and queer activist from Tbilisi Pride.


The Think Freedom documentary will be officially presented at a special screening, followed up by a discussion with the film protagonist, Giorgi Tabagari, at EuroPride in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 28 June, 18.30, Warehouse D, Pier 1, Port of Thessaloniki, Navarchou Votsi. Please register here to attend.

You are cordially invited to the seminar ‘Equality Dialogues with the European Political Families’ on 28 June, 17.30, Thessaloniki. The EuroPride 2024 participants and the LGBT networks of the different European political families will discuss with the European political families and Members of the European Parliament about the European efforts to advance politically on equality and diversity. The event includes the Think Freedom documentary premiere and follow-up discussion with the co-founder of Tbilisi Pride, regarding the recent developments in Georgia. Please register here.

The event is in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Regional Office for East and Southeast Europe, the Rainbow Platform from Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, The Rainbow Rose of the Party of Socialists and Democrats and the Alliance of LGBT from the European People’s Party.



The film was featured at the Sofia Pride Film Festival 2024 on 06 June 2024 in Bulgaria, followed by a discussion with the film director from Tanuki Films, Anna Stoeva. We are grateful for the interest from the audience.


Even though the film is shot some time ago, now it is more important than ever before to shed light on LGBT activism in Georgia. Starting from a protest outside the Parliament in 2012, Giorgi co-founded Tbilisi Pride and served as its first director, standing against threats, hate campaigns and physical attacks. His tireless efforts to champion LGBTQ+ rights in Georgia, a country where such activism is met with severe resistance, showcase the incredible strength it takes to fight for what’s right. Don’t miss this moving portrayal of Giorgi’s courageous fight for human rights. Watch the inspiring story that underscores the power of belief in a cause greater than oneself!

Watch Think Freedom: The Visible Man

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Giorgi's path into activism began with a protest outside the Parliament in 2012, which led him to co-found Tbilisi Pride and serve as its first director for the first three years. His story shows that it takes a lot of courage and determination to stand up as a queer activist in a conservative society. Sadly, for Giorgi and his fellow activists, it is no rarity to be subjected to homophobic attacks.


In 2023, the tensions reached a boiling point when a violent mob of over 2,000 pro-Russian nationalists attacked Tbilisi Pride, forcing it to be cancelled and thus demonstrating the dangerous environment for LGBTQ+ activists in Georgia. The situation is worsening in 2024 with the adoption of the Russian-designed “foreign agents” law aimed at suppressing any human rights activism in Georgia.


Despite the numerous risks and an unclear future for Tbilisi Pride, Giorgi remains committed. “Think Freedom: The Visible Man” shows the unsettling reality, but also the power of belief in a cause greater than oneself. Queerness requires more than a coming out or individual fulfilment, it requires an open society in which human rights are not determined by one’s sexuality.



The documentary portrait is part of “Think Freedom” documentary series of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. It embodies the core liberal principles of freedom, choice and responsibility. The overarching theme is the main characters‘ self-determination to pursue freedom by overcoming challenges in the shrinking spaces of their democracies.

Our heroes are inspiring freedom ambassadors and liberal multipliers from all walks of life from activism, civil society, politics, law, arts, and more. So far, we have featured characters with a focus on East and Southeast Europe from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia  and Germany.


The Director: This film, alongside with many other episodes of Think Freedom, is directed by Anna Stoeva, a documentary artist, producer and filmmaker. She has worked on a number of international documentary features, including The Last Black Sea Pirates (HotDocs 2013, FIPRESCI Award Krakow 2013), Dad Made Dirty Movies (premiere at Visions du Reel 2011) and Paradise Hotel (HBO Bulgaria Original Programming). She is the producer of the short films Red Light and Getting Fat In A Healthy Way, which have gathered 45 international awards and have travelled over 100 festivals to date, and the co-creator and head writer of the German mystery horror series HAUSEN (Sky Deutschland 2020). In the last 10 years with her production company Tanuki films she has worked on a number of documentary and online projects, finding the intersection between documentary art and social causes with meaning.

One of the really interesting details in Giorgi’s fight while we were filming were the tensions within the queer community in Georgia. This effort to find the balance between how much risk you are willing to take - and to impose on the whole community - in order to be able to live out your identity, who you are. Who decides how much risk is justified when this is a decision that is likely to affect the whole community, even people who don't agree with you, who maybe would have preferred to remain hidden and not take the risks necessary to change society? How does it feel to be among the people making these decisions - and also understanding that without making such decisions, change is not going to happen?

Anna Stoeva
Anna Stoeva, Film Director, Tanuki Films, Bulgaria

The Producer: Tanuki films is an award-winning boutique production team focused on documentary filmmaking, journalism and interactive storytelling. ‘Think Freedom’ series is a successful creative collaboration between Tanuki and FNF. Since their founding in 2011, tanuki have created and worked on a number of documentary campaigns, investigative journalism segments, advertising and film projects. Tanuki work with a team of visual storytellers with a wealth of experience and a passion for cinema, which they transform to serve the social and brand stories they tell. After winning the 2015 Open Data Expo Hackathon, their latest passion is data journalism and particularly stories that combine data visualization with documentary storytelling. 

Director of Photography: Ivan Nikolov is Director of Photography and has worked on almost all episodes of Think Freedom. By education, he is an artist - but for over 20 years now, he has been using the camera as a means of expression. His interest in people naturally led him to documentary filmmaking. ‘It is exciting to meet different people, to tell their stories, to travel, and to learn about life through these encounters. After each project, my world becomes larger, deeper, and more exciting.’ shares Ivan.