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Belgrade Pride Meets Pristina Pride

Visit of Belgrade Pride activists to Pristina
Pristina Pride

Belgrade Pride Activists

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As part of the cooperation between the LGBTI+ umbrella organizations "Belgrade Pride" and "Pristina Pride", a delegation of Serbian activists visited the parade in the Kosovar capital Pristina. The delegation included activists from different backgrounds, identities and organizations, all of whom are committed to LGBTI+ rights and regional cooperation.

Belgrade Pride and Pristina Pride have a history of strong collaboration, dating back to the inception of Pristina Pride. The exchange is crucial to build bridges and break down barriers in the struggle for more tolerant and inclusive societies. Regional cooperation allows the two communities to share experiences, strategies, and support, strengthening collective efforts in advocating for LGBTI+ rights.

Pristina Pride 2024

© Belgrade Pride

Upon arrival in Pristina, the delegation from Serbia was warmly welcomed by members of the Pristina Pride organizing committee. They guided the activists through the day's events, which included participation in the Pride march and various accompanying activities. The involvement of Belgrade Pride’s activists in these events not only showcased the solidarity with the LGBTI+ community in Pristina, but also underscored the importance of unity and mutual support in the region.

"This trip reinforced the significance of regional solidarity and cooperation", summarized Goran Miletić from the Serbian branch of "Civil Rights Defenders". "By participating in Pristina Pride, Belgrade Pride not only supported its Pristina colleagues, but also demonstrated the power of joint efforts in promoting tolerance and equality."