Euthenia : Striving for gender equality in the business sector across the Mediterranean region

“Euthenia: The Mediterranean Executive Women Community" project embarks on uniting accomplished women from across the Mediterranean and West Africa in senior leadership roles within business, politics and science. In 2022, the initiative commenced with a landmark conference, a collaborative effort alongside our #femaleforward ambassador Eva Díaz, the Alicante City Council and Alicante Futura, the municipal digital innovation and employment initiative.

Executive women hailing from the MENA region, West Africa and Europe convened, exploring topics ranging from fostering female talent attraction to combatting workplace discrimination. Rooted in a commitment to gender equality and in alignment with the Foundation’s strategic 2026 guidelines, Euthenia is oriented around four principal action lines: the role of women in sustainability, technology, business, and women, personal branding, and female leadership.