Euthenia Conference 2023: Mediterranean Women Leading the Change

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Euthenia Conference 2023 recap video

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The Euthenia Conference 2023, themed "Mediterranean Women Leading the Change," was an inspiring and impactful event that celebrated the pivotal role of women in leadership and entrepreneurship. Held on October  on October 18 and 19 in the citiy Alicante, the conference provided a platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and explore opportunities for growth and collaboration in the context of women’s rights and empowerment.

The programme started with a workshop at the Entrepreneurship Centre of the Alicante City Council. Here the participants had the opportunity to get to know Euthenia in a more personal and intimate context. Gisela Piltz, Member of the Board of Trustees of FNF opened the session, welcoming our guests and giving an introduction to the Foundation and its long history. Eva Diaz, the Euthenia Community General Manager, then took the floor to explain Euthenia in greater detail. She began by giving a review of the first year of the initiative, and then continued with delving into its main tenets, plans for 2024, and the four action groups within Euthenia. This gave our new as well as the seasoned members an open platform in which they could discuss hand in hand with our project managers the development of the Euthenia initiative.

Thursday marked the core of the Euthenia Conference. The modern ADDA auditorium in Alicante was the epicenter of our thought-provoking sessions. Esteemed keynote speakers, including María del Carmen de España Menárguez, Councillor for Employment and Development for the Alicante City Council, and Dr. Renad Seheimat, Head of Laboratory at THE LAB in Amman Jordan, shared insights on how Alicante is supporting women-led entrepreneurship and why female leadership is essential in the corporate world. The rest of the day was a testament to the power of collaboration and women's leadership. We had panels and workshops with our Euthenia Community members from over eight countries across the Mediterranean and West Africa sharing their extensive knowledge and experience with the many attendees that filled the ADDA.

We also had the opportunity to hear from the Director of Casa Mediterraneo, one of the most important Spanish governmental initiatives promoting healthy dialogue and diplomatic cooperation across our region, talk to us about Spain and its role in a more inclusive Mediterranean. Participants from the Alicante region and beyond, belonging to private companies, the public sector, academic institutions and more, engaged enthusiastically throughout the day, bringing diverse perspectives and ideas to our platform.

The Euthenia Conference 2023 provided a powerful platform for empowerment, collaboration, and change. It showcased the invaluable role of women in leadership and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of sustainable cooperation and dialogue in the Mediterranean region. The program fostered a sense of community and empowerment among all participants, leaving them with the determination to be catalysts for change in their respective fields.

Euthenia Conference

From left to right: David Henneberger, FNF Madrid Office Director; Gisela Piltz, Member of the FNF Board of Trustees; Eva Díaz, Euthenia Community General Director; María del Carmen de España, Councilwoman city council of Alicante.

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