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Women and Physical Strength

nc moe

1)Q: Please introduce yourself, your name, and your profession.

A: My name is NC Moe. I run the page 'Live, Love & Life.'

2)Q: At what age did you start exercising?

A: I was very thin during my youth. I gained up to 150 pounds after getting married and having a child between the ages of 21 and 22. That was when my body shape deteriorated, and I began to lose confidence, wondering if I was the only one stuck like this while taking care of the child and dealing with household chores. That's when I started to change.

n moe

3)Q: Why did you start the 'Live, Love & Life' related to fitness and exercise?

A: When I started exercising at the gym, my abdominal muscles weren't strong, so it hurt a lot when I did belly exercises. The trainers at the gym only told me to do abdominal workouts if I wanted to reduce my belly, so when I didn't find it effective, I began researching what to do. That's when I realized that what I was doing was wrong. As I learned more and read books, my interest grew, and I wanted to record my changes and share accurate fitness information with other women, especially those who have had children. Gradually, I began focusing more on this area."

4)Question: How important do you think physical strength is for a woman?

Answer: Especially in this country, and generally in Asia, there's a preference for being slim and petite. From my perspective, women, particularly after the age of 25, become more prone to weight gain. Their skin starts to sag faster, and fine lines begin to appear on their faces. A body lacking muscle mass has a slower metabolism. As women age, the process of aging accelerates with a decrease in muscle mass. They may experience more skin sagging, and as they get older, women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. Even minor falls can lead to fractures. Such incidents are more common. Women who exercise have stronger bones. Furthermore, as physical strength diminishes, they may find it difficult to carry even light objects. Therefore, exercising is not just about lifting weights; it can be any activity that involves moving your body weight, not necessarily going to the gym. Many exercises can be done at home. I want to emphasize that starting with such activities is also possible.


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5)Question: How should mothers who have given birth encourage themselves to exercise and engage in physical activity?

Answer: Mothers who have given birth often experience changes in their body due to pregnancy, especially the expansion of abdominal muscles. This expansion can particularly affect the lower back, making it more prone to discomfort. The main difference between women who haven't given birth and those who have is that the latter need to focus more on tightening their stretched abdominal muscles. It only takes about 15 minutes a day to return to normal. In the evening, they can feel more satisfied with their current body compared to their thinner, pre-pregnancy self. They should want to exercise. If they don't have weights, water bottles can be used. They don't need to go to the gym; they can start with small dumbbells in the evening. There's no such thing as being unable to do it because they've had a child and their body has deteriorated. Everyone can do it; there's absolutely no reason not to.

nc moe

6)Question: What advice would you give to mothers for maintaining strong health?

Answer: I believe that exercising is equally important for women, regardless of whether they have given birth or not. The body is still the same. The main issue for those who have given birth is the separation of the abdominal muscles, which requires more effort to heal. Every mother experiences post-partum depression. I coped with these feelings by exercising in the evening. After exercising, I significantly reduced feelings of being lost and low in spirits. So, it's important to understand that when a mother is depressed, it can affect her family life negatively. The body changes can be distressing. You don't need to set aside a specific time for exercise. You can do jump squats for about 15 minutes while the baby is sleeping, or simply be more active than sitting or lying around at home. Gaining weight after childbirth is often due to reduced physical activity. Even if mothers consume an additional 500 calories than usual for their child, it should be enough. Most mothers eat more than 500 calories, leading to excessive calorie intake and reduced physical activity, resulting in weight gain after childbirth. This is often more due to their eating habits following childbirth than the childbirth itself.



7)Question: In today's world, mothers are very busy with work and finding time for exercise is becoming increasingly difficult. What advice would you give for incorporating exercise into their routine?

Answer: My advice for mothers who have given birth is to focus on bonding with their child for the first six months. In Myanmar, most women undergo C-sections, and this period is crucial for their body to undergo significant changes. Even mothers who have had normal deliveries need about three months to recover properly. Forget about lifting weights or going to the gym for a while, and focus on bonding with your child. Those who are just starting to exercise might do it incorrectly, so it’s better to consult with a doctor and then engage in more physical activities. If you can't spend time with a trainer at the gym, home exercises are a good alternative. You can start with home workouts in the evening, using your body weight for squats, lunges, etc. As your child grows and you find more time, then you can consider going to the gym. A common misconception is that longer gym sessions are more effective. However, spending more than an hour and a half is excessive. A maximum of 45 minutes to an hour and a half is sufficient. Spending 3 to 4 hours at the gym is like wasting time. A well-structured program within 1 to 1.5 hours is enough. Choose the nearest gym for convenience. Dumbbells are sufficient; don't worry too much about machines. There are plenty of exercises you can do with just dumbbells. Find something that fits your budget. Even working out three days a week is quite enough.

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8)Question: Lastly, what additional advice do you have for working moms?

Answer: The key for working moms is work-life balance. Base this on your situation and social lifestyle. Another piece of advice for women is to strive for financial independence. This not only creates a happier situation for your family and spouse but also boosts your self-confidence and changes how your husband views you, fostering respect. Nowadays, many women are financially independent. Relying solely on a man's income is no longer sufficient for financial security. Strive to be in a position where you don't need anyone's support, with the mindset of being able to stand on your own regardless of the situation.


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