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Myanmar's Push for Climate Action: Heading to Falling Walls Lab Germany 2023

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Myanmar's endeavor to tackle climate issues takes center stage with the title "Breaking the Wall of Climate Action with Green Schools." This distinctive title has been chosen to represent Myanmar at the upcoming Falling Walls Lab Germany 2023 event scheduled for November. The journey began at the Falling Walls Lab Myanmar event held on August 26, 2023.

Out of the 15 enthusiastic participants who showcased their innovative ideas, a triumphant trio emerged to carry Myanmar's flag forward. These three finalists managed to impress the judges with their compelling pitches. U Aung Thu Hein from Falling Walls Lab Myanmar shared that the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Myanmar office has been consistently organizing the Falling Walls Lab annually since 2016. This year, 2023, marks the seventh edition of the event in Myanmar.

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The presentations encompassed a diverse range of topics including AI, Sustainable Food Technology, Sustainable Development, Health Care, Mental Health, and Safety concerns. Among these, the project that stood out was one that revolves around climate action through the concept of Green Schools. This idea clinched the spot for Myanmar in the 2023 edition.

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In a departure from previous years, the top two performers, both the winner and the runner-up, will be granted the opportunity to present their innovative concepts in Germany. Falling Walls Lab offers a remarkable platform for visionaries, researchers, and imaginative minds to share their revolutionary ideas on an international stage."

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Falling Walls Lab Myanmar Event 2023

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