Transparency : Fighting corruption, towards more transparency

"The primary task of a state is the sufficient protection of the citizen through its executive, judicial, and legislative powers. The state ensures that individuals can rely on the courts to enforce their rights when these are restricted or violated by the state itself or by other citizens. - Isabel Henzler Carrascal explains in the latest Lebanon Papers Series on the vicious cycle of corruption. 

When the state cannot fullfuil this task, its citizens will start looking for differnt authorities and corruption can bloom. Today, this is one of the most pressing issues in Lebanon. Corruption is widespread and permeates all levels of society. Although corruption has always existed, its effects were magnified in 1990 after the end of the fifteen-years civil war. Today it governs all sectors of society and all branches of government, its forms reach from bribery, to nepotism, favoritism, patronage, embezzlement and vote-buying.

We at FNF Lebanon are commited to fighting corruption and working towards more transparency. Therefore, we make projects come to life that do just that, but we also collaborate with other organizations with this mission.