Code of Conduct - Regeln

Engaging with Regulations and Laws, Assets, Property and Data

The Foundation complies financially as well as materially with the rules and regulations of the Code of Conduct. The Foundations financial resources shall be used exclusively in accordance with the purposes for which they are intended.

We observe any regulations and laws applying to our place of work, as well as the provisions of this Code of Conduct.

Financial resources of the Foundation are used exclusively to the ends and purposes defined in the Foundation’s budget. Vis-à-vis funders and supporters, we are committed to the greatest possible diligence in use of resources and transparency.

We protect property, material and immaterial assets as well as the Foundation’s resources against damage or loss and use these exclusively in line with their intended purpose. We strictly adhere to any IT security provisions.

We stringently observe applicable data protection provisions. In-house and confidential information will not be divulged to unauthorised parties.

We do not accept or grant any financial or payments in kind by/to third parties in the interest of our personal gain. We also do not permit others to do so.


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