Code of Conduct - Verantwortung

We are responsible for each other

The Foundation welcomes the diversity of its employees who work together as equals. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom does not tolerate discrimination, racism, mobbing or sexual harassment.

We understand diversity among our staff as an asset, and work together as equals. Negative or positive discrimination based on gender, sexual identity or orientation, ethnic background or nationality, geographic or social origin, religion or belief system, age, appearance, disability or any other reason will not be tolerated.

Discrimination, racism, bullying or sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Any such acts will be reviewed and sanctioned without delay.  

We understand discrimination to mean someone being treated worse than someone else in a comparable situation due to their ethnic background, their gender, religion or belief system, their disability, their age or sexual identity.

We understand racism to mean unequal treatment, comments or acts of violence which do or aim to demean a person or group of people because of their appearance or ethnic identity, nationality or religion.

We understand bullying to mean systematic harassing, humiliating or abusive behaviour.

We understand sexual harassment to mean any unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which violates the dignity of staff within the context of their work or within the Foundation.

Personal perception and limits to tolerance can differ: What is deemed discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment is determined by how the person affected perceives it.

Discriminative treatment is permissible if suitable and adequate measures aim to offset extant disadvantage.

3.1 Culture and Communication in the Workplace

Our work within the Foundation rests on professionalism, expertise, trust and reliability.

Everyone should contribute to create a working environment characterised by respect, appreciation, tolerance and transparency. Executive management bears particular responsibility and should serve as role models.

We employ respectful, non-discriminatory, gender-sensitive language. We do not accept shouting and insults. We do not speak about third parties in a derogatory, cynical or abusive manner. We address problems with the people immediately affected.

We respect one another. This respect is accorded to everyone, regardless of their tasks, their level of responsibility, their previous work within the Foundation, their age, their gender, their appearance or any other features.

We discuss mistakes in a matter-of-fact manner with each other and provide constructive feedback. We use mistakes to learn. We do not aim to identify who is to be blamed, and do not apportion blame in written or spoken communication. Managers bear responsibility for their mistakes.

We cultivate a culture of open communication and promote constructive criticism and diversity of opinion.

3.2 Leadership

Managers are loyal vis-à-vis the Foundation. They defend our Foundation and its staff in the face of hostility. Managers treat all staff with respect and appreciation, openness, empathy, understanding and trust. They do not exert any mental pressure, physical or psychological violence, coercion, insults, abuse or disparagement. This applies to direct contact, but equally to communication about one another.

Managers accept responsibility and stand by their decisions even when problems arise. In uncomfortable situations, too, they remain factual and solution-oriented and do not abuse their authority. Managers have faith in the commitment and expertise of their staff. Our leadership trust in the commitment and competence of their employees. Managers communicate targets and assign tasks clearly and unequivocally. They respect autonomous exercise of authority and refrain from micromanaging. Managers in particular are responsible to notify others in a timely, comprehensive, clear and transparent manner.

Managers are points of contact regarding all questions pertaining to this Code of Conduct and ensure that their staff know and apply this Code of Conduct. Within their remit, managers ensure the Code of Conduct is adhered to. They will be assessed on this within performance evaluations.


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