Liberal Communicators Network :

The Liberal Communicators Network (LCN) aims to empower
liberal communicators to adapt cutting-edge communication
strategies, innovation, and marketing trends for he specific
context of the mission-driven sector. By innovating non-profit
communications, liberals will be better equipped to win the hearts
and minds, influence shifts in values and behaviour, and achieve
societal change for a forward-looking Europe.
The LCN-Non-Profit Academy strives to develop a professional
community of non-profit communicators from civil society
organizations, foundations, think tanks, change-makers, working
on liberal topics. Join the Academy to become a member of this
European network of marketing professionals.
The Academy ‘Make a Good Message Better’ offers online
sessions with thought leaders and specialized hands-on
workshops with best-selling authors, world-class trainers and
facilitators to inspire, enable and bring everybody on the ‘same
page’ with the latest trends. Topics span across non-profit brand
management, strategy, communications, digital and content
marketing, creativity, behavioural science and more.
The Academy is organised by the European Liberal Forum   (ELF)
with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
for East and Southeast Europe (FNF). The Academy is part of an
umbrella programme – the Liberal Communicators Network,
between ELF Secretariat, LYMEC, Projekt: Polska and FNF East and
Southeast Europe.