Art Interrupted ESEE : Art Interrupted Project East and Southeast Europe

Art is universal, so are its problems. ‘Art Interrupted’ aims to explore the difficulties in the field of art, to raise broader awareness of the problems faced by artists, and to develop collective solutions to problems of freedom of expression in East and Southeast Europe. Limitations range from the global pandemic and economic crises; though authoritarianism, political oppression and self-censorship; to homophobia, xenophobia and social prejudice, to the financial struggles of independent artists.    

Watch the four documentaries of ‘Art Interrupted’ from Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Greece.

In ‘The Password’ documentary, Salome Sordia, an independent curator and cultural manager from Georgia, explores the artistic conceptualizations of Andro Dadiani, a queer performance artist. 

In the ‘Remember’ documentary, journalists Sercan Meriç and Anıl Mert Özsoy from Turkey feature ‘Kardeş Türküler’, a contemporary multilingual Turkish ethnic folkloric band. 

In the ‘Rock's Open Nerve: Lav Eli’ documentary, renowned documentarist Tigran Paskevichyan and director Eduard Paskevichyan tell the story of the Armenian rock band ‘Lav Eli’.

In the ‘Art Interrupted’ documentary, videographer Eleftherios Asimakopoulos from Greece features the painter and illustrator Maria Panagiotou and the financial difficulties of artists.

Discover these stories of the pressures against artistic expression and artistic freedom.


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