Tiny Tales, Big Impact: The Power of Storytelling and Short-form Video

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Liberal Communicators Network Alumni & Tell Me Your Story
Tiny Tales, Big Impact: The Power of Storytelling and Short-form Video

About the Academy

After 4 Classes of online LCN-Non-Profit Academy, it is high time to organize an in-person capacity building and networking opportunity for the top alumni of LCN to move forward our European network of liberal marketing professionals.

This Alumni Academy is a cooperation between LCN and another flagship ‘Tell Me Your Story’ Academy of ELF and Project Polska. We would visit Warsaw to explore synergies of the two networks and leverage the storytelling expertise.

The LCN-Non-Profit Academy aims to empower liberal communicators to adapt cutting-edge communication strategies, innovation, and marketing trends for the specific context of the mission-driven sector. By innovating non-profit communications, liberals will be better equipped to win the hearts and minds, influence shifts in values and behavior, and achieve societal change for a forward-looking Europe. LCN strives to develop a professional community of non-profit communicators from civil society organizations, foundations, think tanks, change-makers, working on liberal topics. 

The Academy is organised by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) with the support of Projekt: Polska. Our partners are Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for East and Southeast Europe (FNF). The Academy is part of an umbrella programme – the Liberal Communicators Network (LCN), between ELF Secretariat, LYMEC, FNF East and Southeast Europe and Projekt: Polska.

About the Workshop

WHY: The times when silly dances were dominating TikTok are long gone. Short-form video has become a major driving force of social discourse—not always for the best as the recent controversies around a trending Osama Bin Laden have shown. Yet, liberal communicators hardly find their footing in the short-form video arena: On the one hand, our ideas seem (!) too complex for the medium; on the other hand, we hesitate to oversaturate those platforms with our “heavy” content. This workshop aims to reverse that perception. Because even our most boring reports can be turned into content that people want to watch. For that, however, we need to create stories that stick. So, we will not only look at the production side of things (and learn how to edit on our phones directly); but also at the principles of storytelling. And to make this as hands-on as possible, participants will have the possibility to practice their abilities to craft powerful narratives and tell them on camera directly on the spot.

WHO: The lead facilitator of the Liberal Communicators Network since its inception is Sven Gerst, Political Philosopher and Former Secretary General of IFLRY. We will get expert inputs from Jan Krukowski and Jakub Choromański on social media trends and short –form video storytelling. Andrzej Prendke, Deputy leader of Nowoczesna Party, Poland, would provide an insight in the local political scene narratives. More speakers are TBC.

WHEN: The event will take place in Warsaw, Poland from 4-6 July. It will start on 4 July, Thursday, late afternoon (around 17.00), and will end around 14.00/15.00 with lunch on Saturday, 6 July. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers. ELF will also reimburse up to 300 or 350 euro of travel costs (depending on the distance) of selected candidates. It is highly recommended that you should arrange tickets asap, only after receiving confirmation (reimbursements available only up to 350 euro).

Learn more from the Draft Programme.

Download the Draft Programme


APPLY: Please apply here, by 4 June, Tuesday, midnight.

The selection results will be announced by 8 June.

Please be aware that due to the limited amount of spots, we cannot accept all applications. Since selection will be competitive, please describe well your motivation, relevant experience, how the knowledge could be useful for you/your team/organization and how your profile is beneficial to other participants. 

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the criteria below.

Application Criteria

  • Alumni of LCN Non-profit Academy will be priorityized.
  • Work fully or part-time on communications in Europe.
  • Have relevant experience/expertise in creating/managing short-form video content.
  • Willingness to learn hands-on to create short-form video content on mobile.
  • Work or volunteer in an ELF organization and FNF; partners of ELF and FNF; liberal civil society organizations and activists in Europe. The ideal combination per country: a representative of ELF member, FNF and local liberal organization.
  • Completed Application Form. We do take seriously the form, so do try to stand out

Compliance Obligatory Criteria

  • Candidates in upcoming local, national, or European elections and paid campaign staff cannot participate in the training.
  • If the participant is a member of staff or official (in elected or administrative function) of a political party, they must pay a participation fee of 20% of the services rendered as calculated by the ELF Secretariat (the flat fee that does not vary by country of residence.)
  • If participant is not a candidate at the time of the event but becomes a candidate within 12 months following the training, they will have to pays a participation fee 50%-90% of the services according to country of residence.
  • If the participant is none of the above, the participation is free of charge.

Assessment Criteria

  • Commitment to active participation in all Academy sessions is of utmost importance.
  • Regardless of your current level of communications expertise, what will be prioritized is a dedication to learn on-the-job and grow professionally in the field of communications.
  • Previous work experience, professional/academic qualifications in communications are welcomed, but not required.
  • Teams with limited communications capacity and resources will be given special consideration.
  • Willingness to pay forward the gained knowledge in your organization.
  • Passionate to join and contribute to the development a pan-European community of non-profit communicators.
  • Focus on the liberal non-profit actors, not on political parties.
  • The learning journey focuses on professionals from Europe only. Preference for participants from East and Southeast Europe.
  • Alumni of the 2023 LCN Non-profit Academy Alumni workshop in Warsaw are allowed to apply again, as the programme is slightly different. However, priority will be given to new applicants.

European Liberal Forum’s Code of Conduct

All participants, trainers, speakers and organizers must abide by the European Liberal Forum’s Code of Conduct which includes a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of harassment, violence, bullying, discrimination, or any similar harmful behaviors.


In cooperation with Projekt: Polska.