"Istina" - A Cinematic Lens on Human Rights

FNF's Commitment in Action
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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is a global advocate for human rights and freedom of expression, a commitment strikingly reflected in its support of the film "Istina." This alignment is reflected in the FNF’s 2023 Human Rights Report.

"Istina," a narrative short film produced by the Hamburg Media School and backed by the Western Balkans office of the foundation, portrays the harrowing journey of a Serbian photojournalist and her daughter fleeing right-wing extremism. More than just a story, the film mirrors the threats that journalists and activists face, highlighting the pressing issues in Serbia and beyond.

Our “Liberal Human Rights Work 2023” sheds light on the escalating human rights violations worldwide, focusing on those defending these very rights. The protagonist of "Istina" exemplifies this plight, enduring violence and persecution, a narrative that resonates with the current challenges to press freedom and expression globally.

The Foundation's role in "Istina" extends beyond funding. The film's broad artistic success, including a Student Oscar win, amplifies the critical message of the 2023 report, calling for global action against human rights abuses. "Istina" serves as a bridge between cinematic storytelling and activism. Screenings in Germany and Serbia, accompanied by discussions on press freedom, reinforce the FNF’s advocacy for strong measures against threats to these freedoms, echoing the report's call for sanctions and legal action against violators.

The film's portrayal of the struggles of freedom defenders mirrors real-life scenarios depicted in the report, serving as an artistic testament to the courage of those fighting against oppression.

In summary, "Istina" is not merely a film; it embodies the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s dedication to human rights, as detailed in its 2023 report. It stands as only one potent tool in the Foundation's efforts to advocate for a world where freedom of speech and the press, worldwide.


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