Building Capacities on the Local Level

Event with AHR

In times of economic turmoil, it is very important that also municipalities play a vital role in the economic development and sustainability. It is the local level that can best make use of a bottom-up approach including as many citizens as possible.

To make municipal councillors aware of various opportunities to play their part, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom together with the party “Alliance New Kosovo” (AKR) organized a seminar on how to build capacities on the local level to revitalize the municipal economy. One session was dedicated to working with different local stakeholders. The participants discussed how to create win-win situations for as many stakeholders as possible in order to get support for their liberal initiatives. The party representatives then exchanged ideas for policy ideas aimed at developing and supporting local businesses. Where liberals are not part of the governing majority, support for initiatives has to be found beyond party boundaries. In order to implement adequate economic policies for local development and sustainability, both public pressure and clever tactics are necessary to initiate reforms for the well-being of citizens and businesses alike.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom will continue investing in liberal and liberal-minded stakeholders on all levels of governance in Kosovo. We are fortunate to have a dedicated party in AKR especially at the municipal level, which stands up for the interests of Kosovar citizens.

Liberals in Kosovo

Liberals in Kosovo