Ageism in the Kosovar labour market

Accessing the labor market does present several challenges for middle-aged women in Kosovo, as in many other countries. This can encompass a variety of barriers such as gender discrimination, lack of access to education and training opportunities, cultural norms, limited job opportunities, and balancing work with family responsibilities.

Addressing these challenges is crucial for promoting gender equality, economic empowerment, and overall social development. Additionally, efforts to raise awareness about the valuable skills and experiences that middle-aged women bring to the workforce can help shift perceptions and create more opportunities for their participation and advancement.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in cooperation with the German-Kosovar Business Association (OEGJK-KDWV), for the first time in the history of Kosovo prepared a study on “Challenges of Accessing the Labour Market. Middle-aged women in Kosovo”, which is available for free.