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140journos, is an Istanbul-based Turkish media publisher that produces and publishes visual stories, documentaries and qualified researches. It was founded by Engin Önder. 140journos transformed itself from a citizen journalism organization to a professional new media publisher that got popular among young generation with its own unique creative style in journalism. 140journos produces original documentaries that include in-depth interviews on various political, social, economic issues by merging cinematographic storytelling with journalistic content. In addition to its popular new-age documentaries, 140journos publishes political articles, e-books, organizes online/offline debate groups and develops open-source mobile/web applications that enable citizens to further engage with politics through technology.

3H Movement

3H Movement is a young liberal think-tank in Turkey that has been active since December 2006. Since then, the 3H Movement has been fighting against illiberal ideologies such as socialism, fascism, radical conservatism and authoritarianism in Turkey by either arranging regular seminars or occasional activist protests. The movement has a daily-updated website where the members publish their articles on various economic and political issues with a liberal viewpoint. 3H Movement also organizes a traditional liberal youth congress hosting students nationwide to discuss political, social and economic matters in a liberal perspective.


Bahçeşehir University Interuniversity Hypothetical Individual Application (BAU VaBB) Competition is an inter-university law contest organized every year to encourage students studying at law faculties of universities to increase their knowledge in human rights law and to inform about making individual applications to the Constitutional Court.

Center for International and European Studies (CIES)

The Center for International and European Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University was established in 2004 as the Center for European Union Studies to study Turkey’s European Union accession process. Since September 2010, CIES has been undergoing a major transformation by widening its focus in order to pursue applied, policy-oriented research and to promote debate on the most pressing geo-strategic issues of the region.


Daktilo1984 is an intellectual and political movement aiming to adopt the New Liberalism understanding based on the principles of "institutional state, civilized society, free individual" among the political and intellectual elites of Turkey. For this purpose, it produces Youtube programs, podcasts, interviews, articles and ensures the dissemination of these by using all new media tools within the framework of New Liberalism.

The Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM)

The Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) is an Istanbul based independent think-tank. EDAM’s main areas of research are:

  • Foreign policy and security,
  • Turkey-EU relations,
  • Energy and climate change policies
  • Economics and globalization,
  • Arms control & Non-proliferation,
  • Cyber policy.

EDAM aims to contribute to the policy making process within and outside Turkey by producing and disseminating research on the policy areas that are shaping Turkey’s position within the emerging global order. In addition to conducting research in these fields, EDAM organizes conferences and roundtable meetings. Additionally, EDAM cooperates with numerous domestic and international to conduct joint-research and publications.

European Neighbourhood Council (ENC)

European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) is an independent think tank that conducts research and implements projects with the aim of strengthening a common European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), Enlargement Policy and the promotion of a Global Strategy for the European Union’s (EU) Foreign and Security Policy. ENC conducts research that aims towards improved dialogue and neighbourhood coordination among European Union (EU) Member States, EU Accession Countries, European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries, including also the ‘Neighbours of the Neighbours. Through research publications, partnerships, trainings and policy events – they aim to narrow the foreign policy gap between existing EU Member States, neighbouring countries, and Wider Europe.

Istanbul Economics Research

Istanbul Economics Research is a full research company. In this context, it serves its customers at every stage of the research, from research design to data collection, from quality control to data analysis and from the obtained data to the generation of final reports.

Istanbul Economics Research conducts company and household surveys both at home and abroad.

With its young and expert team, Istanbul Economics Research uses the latest technologies in data collection analysis, and analyses offline and online data by combining quantitative, qualitative, classical and innovative research methods with a holistic approach.

Freedom Research Association (FRA)

Freedom Research Association (FRA) is a think tank that is committed to liberal democracy and free market economy. Its main mission is to promote individual liberty, toleration, property rights, rule of law, separation of powers, respect for civil liberties and property rights in Turkey and beyond. 
With the vision of identifying the barriers in front of these values and principles’ taking root in Turkey and that of overcoming them, AFR carries research, prepares reports both on domestic and foreign policy decisions, conducts conferences and seminars, and publishes scholarly works.
The members of FRA believe that liberal democracy and market economy are institutions that rise on such universal principles and values as individual liberty, toleration, private property, rule of law and separation of powers. They think that these institutions foster peace and prosperity in any human society.

Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA)

The Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) is a Turkish non-profit (registered as Medya ve Hukuk Çalışmaları Derneği) founded in late 2017 to respond to an urgent yet growing need for going back to democracy and normalization in Turkey.
Our main goals are:

  • offering legal protection to journalists who are punished for expressing their thoughts
  • promoting the public’s right to information, particularly by supporting good finance and science journalism
  • romoting rights of minority groups, with a concentration on refugees and the LGBTI community.

Hrant Dink Foundation

Hrant Dink Foundation was established in 2007 to carry on Hrant Dink’s dreams, struggle, language and heart. The foundation aims to contribute to the development of an economically, socially and culturally secure and healthy environment, as well as to the development of individuals with democratic citizenship awareness who respect cultural diversity and differences.The Foundation defines the development of a culture of dialogue, empathy and peace as the basis of all its activities, which concentrate on the following areas:

  • History
  • Culture and Arts
  • Education
  • Human Rights and Democratization
  • Turkey-Armenia Relations

Kaos GL

Being one of the well-established LGBT organisations of Turkey, Kaos GL performs works and studies to support LGBT people to embrace libertarian values, realize their existence and cultivate themselves to contribute to the development of social peace and welfare with their individual, social and cultural life and behaviour. Within the scope of media, academic, human rights and culture programs, Kaos GL encourages people from all identities including LGBTs to accept the notions of human rights, freedom, justice and social peace as the fundamental values without excluding any social group.

Social Politics, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD)

SPoD is a rights-based organization established in 2011. Their aim is trying to eliminate all forms of discrimination and creating permanent and comprehensive solutions to the problems faced by the LGBTI+ community by generating data on violence, exclusion and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all areas of society.

SPoD is aiming on informing key occupational groups and reducing prejudice, offering social service trainings, legal and psychological counseling services as well as trainings for private companies, non-governmental organizations and municipalities; SPoD organizes seminars, panels and election campaigns.

Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ)

Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is an Istanbul-based journal aiming to foster original thinking and constructive policy debates on Turkey and the broader global context. The journal has been published on a quarterly basis since 2002. TPQ focuses on Turkey's broader neighborhood with a global outlook and bridges research with policy-making.

TPQ has an 19-year track record of providing its global audience with balanced, inter-disciplinary, and independent coverage. TPQ engages decision makers, opinion leaders, practitioners, the business community, international investors, and members of the media and academia.

The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV)

The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), established in1994, is an Istanbul-based think tank supported by private sector funding from Turkey and abroad.The 15-member board of TESEV includes some of Turkey's best-known opinion leaders, constituting of representatives of the business, academia and non-governmental communities. TESEV focuses on the most important policy questions facing Turkey and the region in the new century. Program areas are grouped under three headings:

  • Governance and Transparency,
  • Democratization of Turkey, and
  • Foreign Policy and International Relations.

Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation

TÜRKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) is a non-governmental business organization, aiming to contribute to the development of regional, sectoral and national economic policies. TÜRKONFED is an associate member of The European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME) since 11th of February, 2014. UEAPME is the employers’ organization representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at EU level. UEAPME is a recognized European Social Partner. It is a non-profit seeking and non-partisan organization.

Kualia Analitik Felsefe Dergisi

Analytical philosophy, as it is generally accepted, is a discipline that is underrepresented in Turkey. As Kualia Magazine, we want to add experience to analytical philosophy studies in Turkey and we do this based on two basic observations.

Firstly, analytical philosophy has become the star of a semi-popular trend in our country, in which individuals who want to belong to a subculture against the continental philosophy in general seek refuge and the identity of belonging to the school is emphasized rather than the content of the school. Since some studies carried out to introduce analytical philosophy cannot go beyond the efforts of searching, understanding and interpreting the truth, which is the historical problem of philosophy, the contents of the analytic philosophy school in a random way without serving any order, systematic structure or purpose. Rather than promoting it, they contributed to reinforcing this school and the existing subculture of particular views within it.

Secondly, while we recognize that analytical philosophy in general is a highly autonomous discipline, we advocate an approach that allows it to interact more with other disciplines. In our opinion, philosophy's making sense of the phenomena presented by natural sciences, social sciences, religion, art and everyday life in its own autonomy, using the methodology of analytical philosophy as a tool, adds a deep richness to the search for truth, but prevents an isolated chain of thought, interdisciplinary, provides a lively exchange of information and ideas.

Based on these observations, we can say that we aim our journal to serve two main purposes:

  • To introduce the analytical philosophy systematically and regularly, addressing different levels of difficulty,
  • To show the relationship of analytical philosophy with other disciplines, to introduce studies in this field and to contribute to this orientation.

Civil Production

Civil Production is an actors' collective which initiated the Birileri Project, a dramatic performance of 30 fictional stories to be written by 30 different authors based on each article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



To ensure gender equality in Turkey within the framework of universal human rights understanding.


We will contribute to the necessary transformation in laws, institutions and social life with the awareness to be raised through the active participation of men in the fight against all kinds of obstacles and prejudices that cause gender inequality and gender-based discrimination.


We adopt an understanding of peaceful struggle that is active, consistent, transparent and accountable, based on mutual trust and respect, open to communication, participation, cooperation and sharing, and envisages projects and practices that we will be proud to be involved in.