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Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) is a German political foundation committed to liberal democracy, rule of law, economic freedom and respect for human rights. Working hand-in-hand with local partner organisations, FNF provides civic education, creates political dialogue and offers political consultancy. Moreover, it contributes to the public debate with publications and media contributions. With these activities, FNF aspires the realization of the fundamental liberal values of freedom and responsibility of the individual. Based on these, the foundation aims to promote free, open and democratic societies where citizens’ participation and good governance prevail.

Founded by the first President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Theodor Heuss, FNF has been engaging in political education for more than 60 years. Today, it is the creative innovation platform for the promotion of liberty in society. As such, the foundation lifts projects in more than 60 countries around the world, operating in a network of liberal parties, think tanks, civil society organisations, initiatives and scientific institutions. Together, we stand up for liberal policies and support the development of liberal reform concepts.

By following the principle of cooperative partnerships in the respective countries, FNF pursues effective and sustainable solutions in accordance with the given local social and political framework conditions. At the same time, FNF promotes liberal values worldwide with the use of innovative digital methods and global campaigns.

“For a fledging democratic system to succeed, we need citizens who understand the procedures, believe in democratic rules and get personally involved.”

Friedrich Naumann
Friedrich Naumann

Welcome to FNF Türkiye!

FNF has been actively working in Türkiye with partners from civil society, academia, economy and politics since 1991, when we opened our office in Ankara. In 2002, we moved to Istanbul.

Türkiye is of crucial importance for Germany, Europe and the transatlantic cooperation due to its history, culture, economy, and geographical location. Therefore, FNF offers support to liberal-minded citizens and organizations in Türkiye to promote liberal values in the society. This way, we strive to contribute to a liberal, democratic and prospering Türkiye for all citizens.

With our activities, we aim at promoting…

…the acceptance of liberal values. Democracy, rule of law, human rights and minority rights shall prevail over populism and authoritarianism.

…modern, participatory and innovative methodologies of education. Proactive forms of communication and moderation convey liberal values especially to young audiences.

…mutual understanding of societies in different countries. Dialogue strengthens the communication of civil society actors across borders.

…a network of liberally minded Turkish politicians. Political networking provides an avenue for political dialogue between Turkish and German politicians.

…strategic cooperation of relevant Turkish and German institutions and organizations. Cooperation provides space for dialogues on relevant thematic topics.

Our Core Messages

  1. Human Rights, minority rights and the rule of law are essential elements of a liberal society and conditions for social and democratic progress in Türkiye.
  2. Türkiye’s challenges will only be tackled successfully when the power of innovation and creativity is unleashed. These flourish in a free society and environment.
  3. Close and friendly relations are essential for both Germany and Türkiye. FNF Türkiye is the bridge that connects liberals in Germany and Türkiye.
  4. European values are liberal values. Strong bonds between Europe and Türkiye are essential for liberalism in Türkiye to prosper.

Our Activities

In order to become true, visions need action. With the overarching aim “Freedom for all!” in mind, FNF Türkiye works on living up to its objectives and messages with the following means:

  1. We train and support activists, journalists and lawyers who monitor and defend human rights in Türkiye , fight against discrimination, celebrate plurality and stand up for freedom.
  2. We bring together students and experts, academics and bureaucrats in seminars, workshops and roundtables to promote political education and create synergizing effects. We implement distinguished research projects to generate attention for relevant issues and impact public policy making.
  3. We organize events and dialogue programs on Turkish-German relations, inform the German public with a news bulletin about developments in Türkiye and hold Turkish-German Journalists’ Roundtables to promote network building and exchange of best practices.
  4. We realize conferences on EU-Turkish relations with international participants in Türkiye and  send Turkish participants to congresses and trainings in Europe. Additional dialogue and visiting programs strengthen the European-Turkish bonds.

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