Mediterranean Dialogue
Keys to financial freedom for migrants

Esmeralda Gómez López
Esmeralda Gómez López

The term freedom is commonly used to refer to freedom of expression, movement and thought. But what can we understand by financial freedom?

The Oxford Liberal Manifesto of 1947 states that "the suppression of economic freedom leads inexorably to the disappearance of political freedom".  In this session, Esmeralda Gómez López explains the importance of understanding financial freedom, as well as the consequences that its absence entails for the realization of other types of freedom.

The coronavirus crisis, the rise of the cryptocurrency market, and the drop in cash remittances from migrants have highlighted the need for tools to implement the concept of financial freedom in the decisions of our daily lives.

If you want to know more, make sure to watch the video on our YouTube channel MD GO - by Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The session was held in Spanish.

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Claves de libertad financiera para migrantes