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EURO MENA SHOW and the Foundation’s Annual Report 2020

Let’s get digital (again)!
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Euro Mena Show

The Foundation’s Annual Report 2020 is out and full of highlights! While FNF Madrid & MENA offices are already preparing the next 2021 EURO MENA SHOW behind the scenes, readers of the newly out Annual Report of the Foundation can review all the highlights of its first edition 2020 in a dedicated section of the online report. In cooperation with Casa Árabe and together with the FNF MENA office, we brought a full day of political debates, documentaries and cultural content broadcasted live from various locations around the Mediterranean to your homes.                

“Expectations are high for the second edition of our EURO MENA SHOW, shares FNF Project Manager Odilia Abreu. “Together with our partners and colleagues in the region and our strategic partners in Spain, we are again preparing a diverse and captivating full-day programme, which you can follow through our Youtube channel MD GO this summer.” This year’s edition will be all about restarting Euro-Mediterranean relations in light of the pandemic: looking at the past and present to discuss future-proof Euro-Mediterranean relations and cultural content to discover their multitude and richness.             
Stay tuned for more information on the EURO MENA SHOW for freedom!

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Euro Mena Show 2020

FNF Annual Report 2020

As many among us, the Foundation’s offices worldwide took the crisis unfolding from global pandemic as an opportunity. For more than a year now, we have reinvented ourselves and our work for freedom around the world - with courage, innovation and creativity. Almost overnight, we switched to digital offers, thus exploring new paths, formats and methods some of which will definitely be there to stay.

"LET'S GET DIGITAL" is the motto of the FNF Annual Report 2020 and an impressive showcase of the work of all our colleagues in more than 60 countries. As a liberal foundation, we stand up for the freedom and equality of all people around the world and our liberal human rights work builds a bridge towards securing democracy and the rule of law.

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Let’s Get Digital! (Online version)

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