About Us :

Our work in Southeast & East Asia goes back to the late 1960s with our very first office being established in Indonesia. Since then, we have grown in presence along with the projects we have taken on in the seven countries we work in, advancing liberal democracy, open and digital society, and social market economy. Over the past few decades, we have established successful working partnerships with various leaders, institutes, and organizations that share our liberal values.

Our work on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance is focused on:

  • Highlighting the importance of individual freedom as a key building bloc of open, dynamic and just societies.
  • Supporting democratic processes and political dialogues in the region so as to strengthen democratic institutions.
  • Engaging the broader public in understanding democratic principles while empowering them to engage in expanding their freedom and rights.
  • Advocating the strengthening of human rights mechanisms and processes so that vulnerable and underrepresented groups benefit from the enhancement of human rights in the region.

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We advance economic freedom and development by:

  • Bringing together academics, think tanks, and politicians to tackle current economic issues and challenges in the region including access to markets, freedom of speech, governance, corruption, to name a few.
  • Supporting the creation of legal frameworks geared towards enabling sustainable growth through market processes in local economies.
  • Knowledge exchanges between various government agencies and local governing institutions.
  • Creating a network of start-up entrepreneurs, e-governance experts and advocates for digital freedom in Asia. 

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We promote responsibility towards the environment and climate action through:

  • Advancing political discourse around environmentally sustainable economic growth in the region in order to influence policy in Asia.
  • Supporting international dialogues and knowledge exchanges on low carbon growth at the local, national, and regional levels.
  • Engaging youth groups in the region in policy discussions around climate change and market economies.

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