Green Smart City Busan Forum
Green Smart City Busan Forum 2023: Towards a Greener and Smarter City

Green Smart City Forum, with participants

FNF Korea, BIPA, and BDI to host Green Smart City Busan Forum 2023

Friedrich Naumann Foundation Korea (FNF Korea) has recently partnered up with Busan IT Promotion Agency (BIPA) and Busan Development Institute (BDI) to host the quarterly Green Smart City Busan Forum 2023. The forum aims to establish a citizen-led smart city ecosystem and increase awareness and understanding of smart city technology among citizens. 

Frederic Spohr, Head of FNF Korea office, highlighted the importance of global collaboration and innovation towards building cities that prioritize environmental protection, social well-being, and economic growth. "Korea and Germany are at the forefront of climate technology and sustainability initiatives. By bringing together experts from both nations, we aim to foster international cooperation towards creating smart cities," said Spohr.

The first forum in the series was held on April 7th at the Busan Culture Contents Complex. The theme of the forum was "World Expo 2030 Busan and Smart City," with the aim of establishing a smart city ecosystem and exploring ways for Busan to become a smart city as it prepares to host the Expo.

Frederic Spohr, head of FNF Korea, is signing MOU with the president of BIPA and director of BDI

World Expo 2030 Busan and Smart City

The forum featured a presentation on "World Expo 2030 Busan and Urban Development" by Kim Gyeong-Su, Senior Researcher, BDI. Kim pointed out that hosting the World Expo would be the beginning of Busan's transformation. Kim emphasized that securing the opportunity to host the World Expo Busan 2030 is a business that will determine Busan's next 100 years, and requires innovative and future-oriented thinking to pass on a city that future generations can be proud of.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jong Sung, President of National Information Society Agency (NIA), highlighted the importance of 'data' in his presentation on "Smart City and Busan Expo." Hwang definied future society as a 'data-based society,' and stressed that the 2030 Busan Expo should present the role of a new social infrastructure and city in the A.I. era. He also emphasized that Busan's smart city should be "a platform for AI and data". He argued that the World Expo should go beyond simply exhibiting products in a limited space, and utilize the entire city's infrastructure and living space. Busan citizens would also be able to participate as joint developers of the smart city and Expo.

The event concluded with a panel discussion featuring Oh Sung-keun, Former Executive Chair of Citizens Committee World Expo 2030, and Nam Kwangwoo, Professor at Kyungsung University.

participants at Green Smart City Busan forum

Next Forum on "People-Centered Sustainable Cities"

The Green Smart City Busan Forum is scheduled to be held four times this year, with the BDI, BIPA, and FNF Korea jointly hosting forums on topics related to their respective areas of expertise. The second forum will be hosted by FNF Korea in July, which is currently preparing for a forum on "People-Centered Sustainable Cities," inviting international speakers on citizen participation and environmental policies.

FNF Korea is committed to supporting the development of Busan as a smart city and promoting international cooperation towards creating sustainable cities. Through the Green Smart City Busan Forum, the foundation aims to create a platform for experts from various fields to share their insights and explore innovative ways to build smart cities that prioritize the well-being of citizens.