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GCD Talk concert: Climate Crisis and Sustainable Consumption

2023 Global Citizen Dialogue - Let's Take an Action
Moderator and panelist

On August 29, 2023, the second event of the Global Citizen Dialogue (GCD) series of the year unfolded at POSWEL, Gwangyang, addressing a critical issue of our times – climate change. Building upon its success of the 2022 GCD series on "Digital Transformation and Our Future Space," GCD shifted its focus to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular emphasis on climate change.

This talk concert, hosted by FNF Korea in partnership with the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, gathered experts and students from different Asian countries to discuss practical solutions for dealing with the challenges posed by climate change and the importance of sustainable consumption. As the series aimed to address the urgent need to tackle climate change by examining the intersection of the economy and the environment this year, the talk concert aimed to emphasize the vital role sustainable consumption plays in achieving these goals. The event was also streamed on Zoom, allowing a wider audience to engage in discussions.

The event commenced with an opening speech by Frederic Spohr, Head of FNF Korea, setting the tone for the discussions that would follow. Spohr underscored the gravity of the climate crisis and praised the efforts of individuals and organizations dedicated to addressing these global challenges.

Frederic Spohr giving opening speech

Throughout the event, the importance of sustainable consumption was a recurring theme. Moderated by Kim Chi Heon, Professor of Sungkyunkwan University, the panel discussion delved into the concept, dissecting its components and implications, exploring questions such as "What does sustainable consumption truly entail?" and "What can individuals do to practice sustainable consumption?"

The panelists, including Lee, Jueun, Co-CEO of the zero-waste store Almang Market, and Lee, Kang, Head of SSIAL, Students' Environmental Club at SNU, brought diverse perspectives to the table. Lee Jueun's experience in the zero-waste movement provided a valuable perspective from the business world, while the presence of the university students club added an academic and youthful dimension to the discussions. From reducing single-use plastic to supporting local, eco-friendly businesses, the discussions were not merely theoretical but offered practical insights into how everyday choices can contribute to a more sustainable world.

student raising a question

Attendees could also actively participate by voting on 10 thought-provoking questions on 'ahaslides' related to daily practices for a more sustainable world. Questions such as 'Have you purchased new clothing in the past year?' and 'Do you consciously reduce meat consumption in your diet?' prompted participants to reflect on their own choices and share their views. 

A key takeaway from the event was the need for clearer guidelines and certifications in the realm of environmentally friendly practices. Speakers discussed the challenges and confusion surrounding green marketing and labels, emphasizing the importance of consumers being informed and discerning. They stressed that sustainable consumption requires thoughtful and conscious choices rather than relying solely on marketing claims. They also highlighted the role of social media in spreading awareness and the potential of technology in addressing environmental issues.

The next and the final event of the 2023 GCD series will be held in October. 

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