Global Citizen Dialogue
New Space, New Future

Fourth seminar of 2022 “Global Citizen Dialogue – Future by us” seminar series
The speaker and the moderator is greeting the audience by waving their hands, smiling.

Left: In-Sook Kim, Director, Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning /  Right: Hyoung Joon An, Researcher, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI)

On the 24th of October the “New Space, New Future” seminar organized by FNF Korea in cooperation with the POSCO TJ Park Foundation took place in Seoul. This seminar was the last in a series of four events within the “Global Citizen Dialogue - Future by us” seminar series 2022, that so far covered a diverse range of topics under “digital transformation and space”

The presenter for the day was Hyoung Joon An, a researcher at the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), who started his presentation for the online and offline attendants with the thought provoking introductory question: What is space? Starting from there he gave an overview of all the different facets the term space includes and how the interaction of humankind with space changed, especially in the last century.

This led to the introduction of the “new space” concept which describes global industry aiming to profit from innovative space goods. The audience was challenged with difficult ethical questions that arise on the way of making humankind a multi-planet species, touching on subjects like religion, forward-contamination and food culture.

The presentation was followed by an intensive Q&A session moderated by In-Sook Kim, Director of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning. Since the participants were given the opportunity to send in questions with their registration, the most interesting ones were picked and answered by the speaker. He also covered a lot of additional questions from the live and online audience.

The participants wanted to know how space as a field connected to their respective studies, like music or law. Another question provoked a deeper look at the Korean policy regarding space and the possible developments in the future. The speaker expressed his astonishment over the profound questions and proceeded to encourage the audience to dive deeper into the topic and to take the new found perspectives into consideration when planning their future careers. 

Watch the whole event on Youtube

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