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2023 Data Governance Seminar Series: 4th Seminar on 'Public Data'

Digital Empowerment - 2023 Data Governance series
Panel discussion

On September 15, 2023, FNF Korea and KLID (Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute) joined forces to host the culminating event of the 2023 Data Governance series. This collaborative effort, initiated in 2020, aimed to boost the digital capabilities of local governments and related institutions through online seminars. The 2023 Data Governance series is the latest addition to a series of seminars that have consistently advanced the discussion on data governance. Previous seminars explored key topics such as 'Data Governance Concepts and Global Practices,' 'Data Quality Control,' and 'Data Security.'

Yoon Sangpil is giving a presentation

Yoon Sang-Pil from Korea University's School of Cybersecurity is giving a presentation

The final seminar of 2023 centered on 'Public Data,' a pivotal element in the digital transformation of local platforms. This event encouraged open dialogues among experts who had shared their insights throughout the series. Dr. Yoon Sang-Pil, a distinguished expert from Korea University's School of Cybersecurity, presented on 'The Current State and Challenges of Local Data Innovation, Along with Future Strategic Directions.' Dr. Yoon's presentation underscored the importance of local data innovation and examined domestic and international regional data transformation cases.

Panel discussion

(from left to right) Yoon Sang-Pil, Yoon Keun, Oh Min Jung, Song Seokhyun, Seungjae Jeon

Following the presentation, a dynamic discussion unfolded, with experts addressing public data and submitted questions.The panel discussion was moderated by Professor Oh Min Jung from Korea National University of Education and featured esteemed speakers from the year's preceding seminars: Song Seokhyun, Professor, Andong National University; Yoon Kun, Assistant Professor, Hanshin University; and Jeon Seungjae, In-house lawyer at Toss Bank.

The panels delved deep into the complexities and opportunities of utilizing public data to drive innovation at the local level. It was a collaborative effort to not only understand the importance of data governance but also to chart a course for the future, where data-driven decision-making becomes integral to the functioning of local governments.In its final installment, the 2023 Data Governance Seminar Series underscored their commitment to continuous learning and improvement in the realm of data governance.

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