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2023 Data Governance series: 3rd seminar on Data Security

Digital Empowerment - 2023 Data Governance series
Youn Kwang Taek, CTO, Recorded Future

Youn Kwang Taek, CTO, Recorded Future 

On July 6th, 2023, FNF Korea, in collaboration with the Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID), hosted the third online seminar of the '2023 Data Governance Series' on the topic of 'Data Security'. This seminar, following the first seminar on ‘Data Governance: Concept and Global Practices’, and the second seminar on ‘Data Quality Control’, aimed to share domestic and international cases of utilizing data security to manage data effectively and securely.

The seminar was live-streamed on YouTube and featured presentations by domestic experts in the field of data security, followed by discussions and live Q&A sessions among participants.

First up was Youn Kwang Taek, CTO of Recorded Future, who delved into the topic of 'First Step in Data Security: Account Management.' He provided a detailed introduction to the zero-trust security model and presented some incidents of account breaches. Subsequently, Seungjae Jeon, In-house lawyer at Toss Bank, presented on 'Domestic and International Cases of Customer Data Leakage,' focusing on real-life examples of corporates such as vulnerabilities in open-source systems and advanced persistent threat (APT).

Moderator and speakers of the seminar

Following the presentations, a discussion session enabled online participants to engage in real-time discussions, moderated by Min-Jung Oh, Research Professor at Hongik University. Given that most attendees were local government officials, the discussions delved deeply into strategies for preventing issues and managing risks in the event of data leaks within local administrations.

The fourth and final session of the 2023 Data Governance Series is scheduled for September. This concluding seminar will encompass a wrap-up of the insights and knowledge shared across the three preceding sessions.

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