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2023 Data Governance series: 2nd seminar on Data Quality Control

Digital Empowerment - 2023 Data Governance series
Discussion session

The 2nd seminar of the Digital Empowerment 2023 - Data Governance series was held on June 1st. Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) and Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID) have been organizing online seminars since 2020 to contribute to strengthening digital capacity and capabilities of local governments and related institutions.

The 2023 Data Governance series aims to share various domestic and global cases of data management and use, including the concept of data governance, data-related national and local government policy, and best practices for using big data. The previous seminar discussed the multidimensional conceptualization of data governance and examined case studies of data management and utilization, while this time, the seminar focused on “Data Quality Control”.

Professor Song Seokhyun giving presentation

Song, Seokhyun, Professor, Andong National University

The seminar started with the presentation of Song, Seokhyun, Professor of Andong National University. Prof. Song highlighted the South Korean government's continuous efforts to establish a sustainable data ecosystem. Notable achievements included the introduction of the Open Data Policy, making Korea a global leader in open data practices. The Korean government's collaboration with the private sector during the COVID-19 mask shortage crisis showcased the potential of data-driven governance in providing effective citizen services. The advent of the Digital Platform Government and its use of AI and data for real-time monitoring and proactive decision-making were also discussed. Prof. Song emphasized the need to open up data and to implement detailed policies to foster a sustainable data ecosystem and enable successful platform projects like the Digital New Deal initiative.

Following the first presentation, Jeon, Hyung ha, senior research fellow at National Information Society Agency gave another presentation focused on practical applications of data quality and standards in public institutions. Emphasizing the importance of data standardization, Jeon highlighted how it facilitates efficient processing and utilization of data. The role of AI and GPT technologies in automating term and abbreviation creation was also discussed, along with challenges related to data privacy, security, and the use of Chat-GPT in public institutions.

Jeon, Hyung ha, senior research fellow at National Information Society Agency

Jeon, Hyung ha, senior research fellow at National Information Society Agency

After a short break, the seminar continued to the discussion session where participants could ask real-time questions online. The session was moderated by Oh, Min-Jung, Research Professor, Hongik university. During the discussion, Prof. Song emphasized the fundamental nature of a data ecosystem as an "eco-system" that necessitates ongoing management and specialized approaches in each region. It was highlighted that creating a sustainable data ecosystem requires careful consideration of the diverse needs of industry, service providers, and citizens within specific local government areas.

As the main target of the seminar was local government officials, there was a number of questions regarding the great costs and resources required for data quality control, to which Jeon emphasized the increasing importance of data quality in the A.I. era. It was mentioned that improving data quality is more efficient than investing in enhancing the performance of AI models. He also mentioned that the prospects of automation and AI tools can be seen as promising solutions to improve data quality management.

Overall, the discussion emphasized the need for local governments to play a crucial role in creating and maintaining data ecosystems. These insights would provide a foundation for local governments to develop robust data policies and initiatives that ensure high-quality data for effective decision-making and optimal service delivery in the era of AI and digital governance. The next seminar of the series will be held in July. 

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