ME 2.0 : The ME 2.0 Forum

What is the ME 2.0 Forum?

The “ME 2.0 Forum” (Middle East 2.0 Palestinian-Israeli Young Business Leaders Forum) is a community of Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs and business leaders. Established in 2010 by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the community seeks to provide an opportunity to meet, network, exchange thoughts and best practices with key actors of the business community and political arena. The members learn about, discuss and explore opportunities for economic cooperation.

The main goal of the forum is to serve as a strong, value based, growing community for building lasting relationships between Palestinian and Israeli future business leaders that will transpire into partnerships, joint-ventures and friendships.

About the members

Community members are Palestinian and Israeli business professionals and entrepreneurs that work in the private sector and are highly motivated, ambitious and have political awareness.


The group members meet once every 5-6 weeks online or in person and hosts different speakers. The community members get a chance to present their work and share their professional dilemmas and challenges with each other. Once a year the group retreats for a weekend seminar enabling quality time for its members, offering tailored capacity workshops and expert discussions on economic and political developments in the region. The community has active WhatsApp and Linkedin groups that are used for ongoing communication and networking.

Our ME 2.0 members gain:

  • Unique networking opportunities with local and international professionals
  • In-depth knowledge in economic and social-political aspects of the conflict
  • Skill-building workshops such as negotiation, public speaking and creative thinking
  • A safe space to socialize and build friendships
  • Exclusive weekend seminars and study tours
  • Economic collaboration
  • Capacity building

Are you a Palestinian or Israeli entrepreneur/working in the private sector? Are you interested in becoming a member of our community? Find criteria and the application form below.