About FNF Jerusalem : Our Office

Our work in Israel started in 1983 to strengthen the historical special relationship between Israel in Germany and in 1994 we established our Palestine Desk on the path to a two-state-solution with a democratic Palestinian State. Soon after we merged our two offices into one joint office on the historical borderline between West and East Jerusalem. Despite all tensions, this set-up has become a success-story of mutual understanding, tolerance and cooperation. With our Israeli-Palestinian team we aim to be a creative platform of innovation for enhancing freedom in society, strengthening dialogue with Germany and the European Union and contributing to the advancement of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue leading towards peace. Together with our partners, we want to strengthen liberal core values like the rule of law and democracy, the respect of human dignity with civil and human rights, market economy principles and entrepreneurship and a democratic culture of tolerance and pluralism.

FNF Jerusalem strives to:

  • Encourage debate on liberal policy solutions and innovative concepts of freedom
  • Inspire civil society change makers in Israeli and Palestinian society
  • Connect individuals and partner organisations to help overcoming rifts in society
  • Encourage market-economical and entrepreneurial thinking, networks and activities
  • Connect and integrate local partners to regional and global FNF partner networks
  • Strengthen dialogue between political and civil society actors from Germany and the European Union, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
  • Enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians

Please contact us in case:

  • You are interested in being updated on our events and publications
  • You are interested in becoming a “Freedom Fellow” of FNF Jerusalem