International e-Academy : The IAF goes online

In 2005 the IAF started a new seminar model based on the experience of the online programme of the Foundation’s German education programme: the International e-Academy. It comprises a preparatory online-phase and a face-to-face seminar at the Theodor Heuss Academy in Gummersbach.


Blended-learning Seminars

The blended-learning seminars of the IAF contain a preliminary online phase before the participants meet each other in person at the on-site seminar in Gummersbach. For this we offer two different formats:

Qualifying Online Seminars

During the online phase around 50 - 100 participants from all over the world discuss basic ideas of the seminar topic and share experience through various online tools on an e-learning platform. In this way the online phase is in itself a comprehensive learning cycle. To give this course a competitive edge, the 24 best participants of the online phase are then invited to the face to face seminar in Gummersbach, where discussions from the online course are taken up again and developed further. Experience has shown that the commitment of e-Academy participants and the quality of discussions during the Gummersbach course are extremely high.

Preparatory Online Seminars

After being invited to one of our IAF seminars in Gummersbach (with indicated preparatory online phase) you will receive access to our online platform to take part in a short online course to prepare everyone for our on-site seminar in Gummersbach. This will help to bring everyone on the same level of knowledge, provide further readings and material on the topic and get to know each other. With this approach we have the possibility to make the most of our Gummersbach experience and dive deeper into the topic as we discussed the basics online already.

Online Seminars and Workshops

Due to Corona-related limitations, we now also offer a large number of our seminars and workshops as pure online events. With innovative tools and methods, we create varied learning environments to convey extensive content and let the participants work it out themselves, they can exchange ideas with high-ranking experts from all over the world and form a network.

More Digital!

In order to share our seminar content with a wider audience, we regularly talk about liberal issues on current topics with international experts from our participant groups and external discussion partners in our podcast IAF TALK.

In the video series LIBERAL VALUES, we highlight various liberal values in a series of short videos and explain in a vivid way why these values are so important for liberals. 

Liberal Values Video Series


For the alumni of our IAF seminars, we also offer exclusive online events: whether follow-up sessions on individual seminar topics, intensive multi-day workshops or the regular WebTalk "Zoomersbach Zursday" - we are interested in exciting discussions and continue to promote exchange and global networking.


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