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Education reforms & low-cost private schools
Podcast IAF TALK #12 Education

Today’s episode is very special – not only because Education is a tremendously important aspect for every person’s development towards self-determination, prosperity and happiness in live but also because we would like to commemorate the late Dr Stefan Melnik who has contributed immensely to IAF, in fact he helped build and develop IAF to where it is today. Education has always been a theme very close to his heart. And this is why we would like to share with you a talk of four wonderful experts on Education that we recorded a few years back:

In this episode we are meeting Professor James Tooley, who is best known for his work on low cost private education. He has worked in various parts of the world bringing together insights from his research and has published on low cost private education in – amongst others - the book “The beautiful tree”. Ekta Sodha actually is an entrepreneur who is active in the field of education, an edu-preneur perhaps, who runs a number of low-cost private schools in India. Manali Shah, who is also a facilitator at IAF and has worked for the CCS, the Center for Civil Society, in Delhi, who actually pioneered in India the idea of voucherizing the school system. And of course Dr. Stefan Melnik who has been an independent consultant specialising in training programmes for executives. He designed and directed workshops on human rights, the market economy, environmental issues, basics of liberalism, secularism and of course education reform – often but not exclusively at IAF. Stefan also moderated this discussion.


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Interview with Ekta Sodha, Education Entrepreneur, India. IAF (2016)