#10 Talking about Environment

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For liberals private property is a defining characteristic of a free society. In our seminar "Liberal, Property and the Environment" we explored how the concept of private property might conceivably be a solution to problems as diverse as pollution, land degradation, overfishing, deforestation, species extinction and waste. Can enforcement of robust property rights help to protect the environment, rehabilitate areas that have suffered considerable damage, and promote the aim of achieving sustainability in the use of natural resources? Would the poor and disadvantaged sections of society stand to benefit? To what extent would successful “green” and “blue” growth policies benefit from efforts to apply and foster a property rights-based approach to economic growth and well-being?

In this episode we will meet Dr. Emmanuel Martin, an Economist from France, and Sven Gerst, a PhD Student in Political Philosophy at the Department of Political Economy at King's College London, who facilitated this seminar and who will not only give us an insight into this important topic but also share their impressions of a very special excursion with eye-opening experiences and the key learnings from this seminar.


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