IAF Replication: Resource Management and Environmental Protection

Hulu Kelang, 7-8 September 2019
IAF Replication
During the two days workshop, participants learned to manage environmental resources to ensure sustainability © Photo by Muhammad Khairul Afiq

On 7-8 IAF alumnus from Malaysia Muhammad Khairul Afiq conducted a Resources Management and Environmental Protection training at Kem Ghafar Baba (KGB Camp). The program exposes university students to what sustainability is and how to manage environmental resources to ensure future sustainability. Participants also discussed environmental policy and the extent of its effectiveness to environmental sustainability in the Malaysian context. Participants will also be exposed to recycle products and present their products for economic empowerment and resource retention. This module was presented by officials from the Department of Environment Malaysia. During this program, participants also undertook Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tasks in collaboration with Team Selangor of a Selangor State Government Initiative that implemented community empowerment programs in conjunction with the Sustainable Selangor Campaign. The amount of waste audited can be recycled to almost 50 Kg. Before the end of the program, participants completed a two-day training session using the 'World Cafe Session' method to produce a leader who was able to manage the environment sustainably.