Begabtenförderung - Freigeister

For freedom. Talent. Passion. Courage.

About us

By educating our fellows, we make an important contribution to democratic culture. Diversity is a central element of our funding practice. We expressly welcome different life and educational biographies. The personality of each individual is the focus of our support. This includes passion, willingness to perform, courage and reliability. We expect the willingness to take responsibility in a liberal sense and to actively contribute one's own skills in the further development of society and culture as well as politics and economy.

We offer our fellows comprehensive financial and ideational support as well as personal support – during their studies and during their doctorate. We promote interdisciplinary exchange as well as dealing with political issues. Our working groups, initiatives, academies, and other formats offer space for critical reflections and intensive discussions as well as the further development of your own point of view. We guarantee our scholarship holders the opportunity to receive funding abroad. Stays abroad deepen specialist knowledge and contribute to dealing with other cultures and ways of life. They enable you to get to know and network with the Foundation's international work.

We emphasize personal responsibility and encourage personal initiative as well as the development of ideas and their implementation from one's own motivation. We give scholarship holders the greatest possible freedom in self-administration and in shaping their liberal views and ideas. In this sense, our scholarship holders have a decisive influence on the work of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. We expect them to provide ideas and impulses for liberalism and our own work.

We support our scholarship holders in forming lifelong networks. We welcome their commitment to the liberal environment and the sharing of liberal values with future multipliers. After leaving the scholarship programme, we offer our fellows access to numerous further education and training opportunities in political education. We encourage them to contribute their skills to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and in a liberal environment and to actively participate in shaping the political landscape. We expect the support of our alumni as ideational or material sponsors, who are available as mentors for the younger scholarship holders.

We maintain open, respectful, and appreciative in our dealings with one another, with the scholarship holders and with our partners.